Coffee Break [10/4/23]

Your mid morning pick me up

Enjoy these beautiful landscapes. Some are community or business designs. Others are residential. But they all look peaceful and relaxing. Something I need on this post-holiday Monday.

I hope you’re having a quiet, low-stress start to the work week.



  1. …love a good garden…& quite partial to the japanese ones…but can’t help but look at those sorts of pictures & find a voice in my head saying “wouldn’t look like that if you were the one responsible for the upkeep”?

    …#5…giant koi & all…is beautiful but I suspect I’d at best be able to stay on top of something like #18

    …the sand, rocks & water features kind of zen garden seems low maintenance & do sometimes look lovely & peaceful…but I like a bit of greenery in the mix…& colors that shift as the seasons do…but in my experience one of the reasons you need to love gardening is that beyond a certain point they get to a stage where there is never a time when something doesn’t need doing…& I remember some of the things @butcherbakertoiletrymaker has said about why life on a farm schedule is less than idyllic

    …helps with the instinctive envy a lot of those pictures provoked, anyway?

    • I think most of  the people who can afford those gardens can also afford to have professional maintenance done. But no doubt there are those that enjoy the constant upkeep. I am neither.

  2. coffee break? oh right yeah its monday….i forgot

    no work today coz jc got resurrected or some shit

    as he can do that shit….you think it’d be reasonable to kill him 5 or 6 more times?

    you know….spread across the year?

    i like days off

    anyways….all copacetic on my end

    • One of my aunts owned a large piece of property outside the city and had a gorgeous wooded area with tables , various seating areas, and the most amazing treehouse. It would have been a fun place to hang out but she didn’t like a leaf out of place.

      • …that’s the worst…it’s like people who call it “the living room” but actually it’s the “must at any instant be perfectly preserved in immaculate condition lest the queen suddenly pop by unannounced for an impromptu cup of tea” room…a waste of a nice space in the name of keeping the space nice?

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