Coffee Break [10/5/21]

Your mid-morning pick me up.

In the great pancake vs. waffle debate, I am solidly TEAM WAFFLE. With my 30+year-old waffle maker struggling to produce a crispy cake that doesn’t stick, I hadn’t made them in some time.  But lately, I’ve had a craving for waffles, so I overcame my frugal nature and replaced it. I had intended to make @Elliecoo’s Blueberry Sour Cream Coffeecake for Mother’s Day but switched gears when I realized that a waffle bar brunch was a good opportunity to see what my new appliance could do. I spent most of Saturday making waffles: plain, cornbread, and cinnamon roll. I reheated them in a 200-degree oven and served them with a variety of sweet and savory toppings. It may not be a Wafflebot, but all in all, it was a good purchase. Which side are you on, Deadsplinters? Waffles – delightfully crunchy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, or boring old pancakes?



  1. …I still can’t really adjust my brain to think of american pancakes as pancakes but I think my love of pancakes/crêpes outdates any affection for waffles

    …but…waffles have built-in syrup pockets

    …do we really have to choose?

      • …but crêpes are still different from what we called pancakes when I was growing up…thinner & bigger for a start…whereas US pancakes are what my grandmother called “drop scones”…which would be much smaller & thicker than the pancakes of my youth…basically those occupy some sort of middle ground

        • Pancakes are as thin as you want em, pal. My mother used to make them basically like silver dollar pancakes in a restaurant: thin and small in diameter. A lot of people seem to make them fluffy, which I don’t prefer. But not crepe thin. 

    • We do not need to choose. I like both pancakes and waffles and I will straddle the fence forever on this war. They serve slightly different purposes. Crepes are superior to both though. Hmm I should find that Tanzanian crepe recipe again – I enjoyed them so much on my trip there that I found a recipe when I got home. 

  2. I’m going with savory pancakes and sweet waffles. Been trying to make decent scallion pancake for ages. Likewise kimchi pancakes. There’s a whole book, Will it Waffle, about things you can cook with a waffle iron, it’s intriguing but not retail price intriguing.

  3. I love waffles, my only problem is they are not conducive to making breakfast for a bunch of people.  If you want to eat together they get cold or soggy by the time everyone’s is done.  My daughter made mochi waffles for us yesterday for Mother’s Day, they are awesome!

    On the other hand, while normal pancakes rip up my stomach for some reason, I can eat all the cottage cheese pancakes I want and they are fucking delicious!

  4. I have never owned, nor lived in a home with, a waffle maker. Pancakes require less equipment. I love a crepe, filled with either sweet or savory goodies. Pancakes are okay, make for an easy “breakfast for dinner” meal. But I would not say no if I was gifted a waffle maker…

  5. I do love French Toast. You can make it from stale waffles too. (I hope you made a note of Elliecoo’s comment, put waffle maker on her gift list. Or buy her one next time you do something boneheaded, cheaper than a fifth dog.)

  6. Typically I lean more team pancake because I’m not a huge fan of maple syrup or maple syrup-flavored corn syrup. 

    However if I am at a hotel where the breakfast includes a waffle iron? You bet your ass I’m making waffles and turning my arteries into corn syrup!

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