Coffee Break [10/8/20]

It can be a struggle to get through the second half of the day.

Palmerston, Chief Mouser for the British Foreign Office, has announced his retirement. Outwardly Palmy, as he’s known to his friends, says he’s looking forward to relaxing away from the limelight.

But rumor has it that a senior colleague may have been jealous of Palmerston’s success. We’ve all had bosses who take credit for our ideas, co-workers who undermine us, and teammates who covet our positions. But I thought our animal counterparts were better than that. Enjoy life in the country Palmy, living well is the best revenge.

How’s your job going?



  1. shouldnt that be relaxing away from the limeylight?
    *cough* ill see meself out

    anyhoo…for the next 3 weeks my job is going fine as i dont have to do it 🙂
    after that who knows…company might not survive the rona

  2. First thing I thought of was Lord Palmerston from Victoria.
    As for my job, it’s going swimmingly.  I think I mentioned previously that I was lucky enough to make the switch into my current role literally two weeks before we all got sent home–and this job can be done 100% remotely.  So, my whole group has standing orders to not even worry about coming back to the office for an indefinite period.  My guess is that we probably won’t be called back until next summer at the very earliest.  Even then, we’ll be able to pull 1 or 2 days per week from home.
    I’ve worked with people who were happy to steal credit, but one of the weirdest encounters I had was with my boss’ boss in another department.  One of my subordinates had developed a good workaround for a problem we were having.  My boss was on vacation so I took it to her boss to get clearance to implement it.  I brought my subordinate with me so she could answer any questions.  So, this guy proceeds to praise me for a job well done, and I said to him, “it wasn’t me, it was Jenny.”  At which point he ignores the comment and then talks a little more about some other shit and then wraps up with giving me another atta boy.  I remind him that it was not, in fact, my idea but Jenny’s, and he ignores me again.  I was dumbfounded, but when my boss got back from vacation I made damned sure to let her know about the exchange in the event that he might have told her about this fantastic idea that I had that wasn’t mine.  At least she got it.

  3. I’m guessing he couldn’t believe a woman came up with the idea. Jenny was lucky that you aren’t the type of guy to let everyone go on believing that.

    I’m glad you’ll be working from home for a while if not permanently. I’m worried this thing is going to get a lot worse over the fall and winter.

    • Oh, strap in for the fall and winter.  It’s going to go completely apeshit crazy.  If Trump pulls out a win (still not outside the realm of possibility with Biden as the nominee), expect it to essentially never get better–only worse.

  4. umm….i dont think it will actually quite go that far….. i just wanted to see if i could drop that gif
    teeeheeee i can gif nao
    welp..there goes the neighbourhood

  5. *plays with image button* 

    fish and chips a la farscythe
    right ok…i think ive had my fun now
    (eta) huh…thats nifty..tiny pic in the thread full size when clicked…that sure keeps the clutter down

      • it was i 
        panfried hake fish and wokked chips
        and thanks
        also…i think this one might be up your alley

        (im a little hyperactive today…kinda always happens when i get too much exercise…welp..too hot for sleep anyway)

          • lol…im more of a fan of commenting than creating
            (not to mention my aproach to cooking is pretty will o the wisps…i just make shit up as i go)
            but who knows…i may change my mind.

              • lol..ill consider it once the heat breaks
                my heatwave diet is what the family calls japanese breakfast lol
                basically sticky rice served with chopped tomatos,cucumber soy sauce and whatever fishy i happen to have tinned (wich is currently a lot…found a bargain bin full of tinned fishies for $1 a tin) sometimes lettuce too…if it hasnt gone off again
                easiest thing in the world as i only cook the rice and chop the salad and then let everyone put it together as they please…. nice light heatwave food

    • Hmm….. I seem to have the image option, buuut I dunno the sizing bit, annnnd there’s a bit of… oddness… for me (on a phone), because the “ok” button only shows when i turn my phone to landscape, annnnd then I have to “back” out of my keyboard, because when I’m in landscape (Samsung S9), it basically takes up everything but *one line* of the screen visability-wise…. and then the backing out means I get popped back up to the top of the page, somewhere in there, too….
      So for those of y’all having issues with it, is it perhaps that we’re trying on phones?🤷‍♀️

      • In the olden-days of Giphy, before they were taken over by The Evil Empie (aka ZukCo, et al.), I would’ve just headed over there, to do things the easy way….
        But i LOATHE that scumbag, and everything he & his Thiel/TrumpCo cronies stand for…. sooooo, it’s Tenor for now🙃

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