Coffee Break [11/10/21]

Your mid-morning pick me up

Happy Indigenous People’s Day!

On Friday, President Biden issued a proclamation commemorating October 11 as Indigenous People’s Day. While he noted the harm done to Native Americans, “Today, we also acknowledge the painful history of wrongs and atrocities that many European explorers inflicted on Tribal Nations and Indigenous communities.”, he did not change the name of the federal holiday honoring Christopher Colombus. Sort of like celebrating the anniversary of a couple during the funeral of one partner who died by the hand of the other.

There are ways you can honor the native peoples of North America today, including land acknowledgment. Take some time to recognize and enjoy the contributions Native Americans have made and continue to make in contemporay society. Watch Reservation Dogs on Hulu, read Native American authors and listen to Indigenous musicians. And please call your members of Congress, state legislature, and local government officials and ask them to formally change the name to Indigenous People’s Day.



  1. I don’t think Biden can change the name of the holiday, can he?  That’s a Congress thing, right?  If that’s the case, then forget about it.  Ain’t no way in hell Republicans let that sail through.

    • He can’t, it is up to Congress. But he can talk about the need to, and express displeasure at the current name. But that would anger some Italian Americans so he isn’t going to address it at all.

    • I mean, just look at how mad some people got about officially recognizing Juneteenth.

      Like, whatthehell? even if you don’t care about the social issues, you’re getting a day off work, how in the hell can you complain about that.  talk about commitment to bigotry…

  2. Making BBTM’s meatballs (using freshly ground Parm, sorry but I have good cheese) as the sauce is simmering right now.

    I used Marcella’s 3 ingredient sauce because I forget to get anchovies and pine nuts (and the stores are closed today.)

    Improvise, adapt, overcome.

    • Is that for your Thanksgiving Day meal? Sounds better than turkey to me.

      • My family usually has Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday rather than Monday.

        • I forgot to mention in my “Two Americans do Canadian Thanksgiving” “Notes” was that those distant relatives served their meal on Saturday. I take it that as long as the meal is eaten sometime over the course of the three-day weekend it is the Thanksgiving meal?

          One of the reasons we wanted to beat a somewhat hasty retreat, which I did not divulge to those well-meaning Maritime relatives, is we wanted to get back to Montréal in time to take advantage of the Thanksgiving sales.

          • Yes, but Saturday is weird even by Canadian Standards.

            Some do Sunday (reason is that my dad wanted to have a day of rest, not misery hence Sunday) while a small majority do Monday.

            • I got the feeling they kind of wanted to get it out of the way and have a big meal, then treat the rest of the weekend like a country house weekend. I’m sure an organized shooting party was arranged. There were a trio of very charming seaside villages near the house, and a fort, so I bet at some point there would have been or maybe was an excursion to take all this in.

              The host was more than a little eccentric.

    • The meatballs will season the sauce after a day of marinating. They really are the star of the show anyway.

  3. I’ve done a DUAN on my favorite indigenous musician:



    I think I will watch the documentary about him tonight:



    • That’s an excellent idea. Is it on Netflix?

      • I don’t know about Netflix but looks like it is on Prime or IMDb TV.  Looks like Youtube charges for the whole movie.

        • Thanks!

  4. So,I just noticed that I misspelled Columbus just like Mayonnaise Taylor Green! I’m so embarrassed.

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