Coffee Break [11/4/22]

Your mid-morning pick me up

The 2022 World Happiness Report has been released. And to nobody’s surprise, eight of the top ten spots are in Europe. The US (16) climbed up three places from 2019 to 2021, apparently, we’re happier when we’re isolated from each other. And voting out an incompetent and dangerously corrupt president. And Canada (15) dropped a whopping ten. What the hell is happening up in the Great White North? So before you go running off to live in Poland (48) read the full report. Unless of course, you’re in Ukraine (98).

Anything making you happy today, Deadsplinters?



  1. I can only speak for Montreal Canadians. The high taxes doesn’t lead to more accessible healthcare, well maintained infrastructure, free/affordable daycare for all nor a good public school system. The housing market has been artificially inflating since the 2010s. Corruption on all government levels hurts especially bad when you know that almost half your salary is lining their pockets. There is also a huge police presence (the pandemic brought about a more obvious police state where they literally had a snitch hotline). Then there’s the whole French vs English language war undercurrent to everything. Plus your regular dose of racism, sexism, cronyism, capitalism, etc. Canada is fine, everything is fine, eh? Sans doute!

  2. hmm…sitting pretty in 5th…i guess i dont have much to complain about

    and i guess i dont..sides from the usual stuff like the mountain of taxes and corrupt politicians and management…usually the weather too

    • Yeah that too.  Your crazies and our crazies traded DNA.  Annoying to see Trump 24 signs and MAGA hats at Trucker Fucker rallies.

      The irony lost on the Trucker Fuckers is that MAGA once included trying to invade Canada which happened twice.  Once in 1812 and again in 1866 where Fenians aka ex-Union Irish soldiers who conducted a minor terrorism campaign against Upper/Lower Canada (which is present day Ontario and Quebec where upper and lower referred to where they were positioned along the St Lawrence not English/French but it could have meant that.)

      The Fenian raids helped make forge Canadian Independence.

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