Coffee Break [11/5/20]

It can be a struggle to get through the second half of the day.

Coffee soda, dalgona – I’m always looking for new ways to drink my favorite beverage. Thanks to Sprudge I have five new coffee cocktails to try. I wish I had read this article last week so I could have made one for brunch over the weekend. Like this delicious sounding concoction Your Fave Cousins.

  • 1.5 oz Hennessy
  • One small bottle Fever Tree Tonic
  • 1.5 oz cold brew concentrate

Combine, serve over ice, garnish with grapefruit peel.

I’ve got cold brew concentrate, I even have Fever Tree Tonic. And until my daughter came to see me for Mother’s Day I had Hennessy. She took the bottle with her because she’s low on alcohol and the liquor stores in her county are closed on Sunday. I’ll place a delivery order this week and make something on Saturday or Sunday. What are you looking forward to this week?



  1. I’m on my second latte of the day, as usual. And I wonder why my sleep schedule is so effed up?
    I tried the coffee soda last week!! It was good! We need some warmer weather though before it gets incorporated into the rotation.

  2. …generally stick to the hot variety of coffee…albeit with a heathen amount of sugar in it

    …& mostly room temperature on the liquor, I guess…since that’s mostly scotch or bourbon but I think I may have honed down my old-fashioned-mixing abilities some during the lockdown & I do use ice in those?

    …once in a blue moon, though…I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on the odd bottle of vintage hennesy…& it is safe to say I wouldn’t put anything in that…just try to be patient enough for my hand to warm it up in the glass before I taste it & count my blessings with every sip

    • I generally like hot coffee but I’m really enjoying the coffee soda for some reason. Probably because it’s not as sweet as most fancy coffee beverages. My coffee preferences match my personality – dark and bitter.
      If I had a vintage bottle of Hennessy I wouldn’t put anything in it either. And I’d hide it from my daughter!

      • …that would be a sound parental instinct on your part…the last one I got my sticky paws on was snaffled from my father…in lieu of actual money rather than because he didn’t notice or anything…but I’m pretty sure there would have been trouble if I’d kept it all to myself?

  3. I made coffees this weekend:
    Deathwish coffee, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Jack Daniels, and Crème de Cacao liqueur. The secret to it is portion size; I use a big ceramic beer mug from a local brewery. Keitel needs a nap after two of those.

    • That is crazy! My favorite snow weather coffee drink is a 747 coffee (coffee, Bailey’s and Kahlua) but I don’t think I could snowboard after that Deathwish!

    • Isn’t Deathwish super caffeinated? There must be a lot of booze in it to make Keitel need a nap! Coffee, Bailey’s, Jack and Creme de Cacao, in an over sized mug – what’s not to love?
      I really like Irish coffee and coffee cocktails but my problem is when to drink them? I can’t be boozing in the morning on a weekday(anymore). If I have a couple in the afternoon nothing else is getting done. And in the evening I’ll be up all night. So it’s weekend brunch for sure.

  4. our finance director got sacked today…shareholders booted him out… im guessing that means the companys finances are looking pretty shitty right about now…. or he done a naughty
    anyhoo…far as i could tell all he ever did was sit about and drink coffee…and thats why i posted it here

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