Coffee Break [11/7/22]

Your mid-morning pick me up

What do you think, Deadsplinters, an idea whose time has come? In general I like the look of a shorts suit, minus the knee socks. It’s not uncommon in the south.



      • To me the socks basically negate the point of wearing shorts. If I’ve got to wear clingy long socks up to my knees, I’m not getting much more ventilation that I would in a suit. Maybe less, because my dress socks don’t go up that high.

          • And just to share too much information, my legs don’t really sweat all that much. It’s my torso that builds up heat. The whole suit shorts thing wouldn’t be remotely effective for me if I had to wear a tie and jacket. Plus you’ve got to wear an undershirt. So I could spend money on new “suits” so maybe my knees would be cooler? Fuck it, I’ll just wear one of my existing suits. Whole damn thing is pointless.

  1. I wear shorts 6 months out of the year and grew up with only a few pairs of long pants.  I have never understood the purpose of a tie.  They look stupid and are uncomfortable.  Don’t get me started on those high socks!

  2. The first picture looks awful, but the next few look nice, and I like the Bermuda look too. I never gave it any thought because I don’t think I’ve ever seen this in person, but sure, why not? I always feel so bad for guys at summer formal events, with their jackets and pants and loafers, while all the women are in short dresses and strappy sandals.

    And I totally agree we should do away with ties being an expected part of masculine formal wear. They can look nice, but I know I’d never want to wear one and my husband despises them.

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