Coffee Break [12/2/24]

Your mid morning pick me up

We haven’t done a quiz in a while. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, let’s write a romance novel to see which Greek Muse we are.

I am Melpomene: The Muse of Tragedy. No surprise there.

When it comes to romance novels, you like high drama and deep emotion. Tortured heroes, tragic backstories, and lovers reaching for one another across the wild pain of an empty world are the things you crave. The more drama, the more heartbreak, the more satisfying the eventual happy ending will be.

Which of the nine are you, DeadSplinters?



  1. Poking around the Wikipedia article on the Muses, I think the best fit for me out of all the connected characters is Rhesus, the son of Calliope, who was late getting to the Trojan War and then slept through Odysseus attacking his camp.

  2. Terpsichore: The Muse of Dance

    When it comes to romance novels, you like them intricate and unexpected. Full of twists and turns as the lovers are blown about by the winds of fate, you look for passion and grace in every line and when the perfect plot twist occurs, you cannot help but gasp aloud.



  3. …forgot there even was a muse of astronomy…so…that’s nice?

    …apparently I somehow singled myself out for a judgement based on assuming people should have something over which to bond so I must have been very unexceptional in my choices

    …nothing wrong with coffee when it’s raining…dunno why the stars have to claim the credit?

  4. I got Urania, the muse of astronomy. Which sounds weird until you read the description:

    When it comes to romance novels, you prefer to look to the higher things. You like your heroes and heroines to have goals, interests, and passions, to which their love is merely a distraction. Fate may draw them together, but they have something concrete and important to bond over.

    Yeah, I’m okay with it.

  5. Calliope: The Muse of Epic Poetry

    When it comes to romance novels, you like drama and intensity. Mad schemes, dark secrets, plot twists, and moments of high emotion are your personal taste.

    They are not wrong.

  6. Calliope: The Muse of Epic Poetry

    My sisters are going to laugh their guts out. They accuse me of being a drama queen. Well Calliope is the biggest drama muse of them all.

    But it fits.

    Also it sounds like Calliope is the muse of K-Soaps

  7. Clio: The Muse of History

    When it comes to romance novels, you favor historical romances that make good use of their time period. Strange etiquette, exciting battles, and the most memorable moments in history form the perfect backdrop to the love stories you crave.

    i dont know if im entirely in agreement about that one……but i should probably try some historical romances to see if i like them

    im not sure pride and prejudice and zombies counts..

    • Sure it does! I read that too and enjoyed it. I just finished a book I think you’d really like. Not historical though. It’s called The Pilo Family Circus and it’s wild.

  8. psychotic clowns huh…okay im game

    added to wishlist for now tho

    ive given myself a book buying ban till i finish reading what i already bought….the pile next to my bed is getting pretty bigly…

    and im really not reading as much as i normally would be….part eye issues and part just staying up too late

    (i mean…as i see it….im not staying up too late…im having to get up too early….but either way…it leaves little time for reading if i want to also do the sleep thing)

    • I get it.  I borrow most of mine as ebooks. Even that gets out of hand, lol. I’ve got two books on my kindle to read with more holds rolling in. And I just found out there’s a sequel called The Pilo Traveling Show. So I have to race through what I already have to read more  about the crazy carnival.

  9. I got Thalia, the muse of comedy (she’s usually paired with Melpomene.) Of course I did. There are few things that I take seriously and won’t ridicule, and highest on the list is myself. My reservoir of contempt is bottomless. I don’t hold Better Half or Faithful Hound in contempt, nor any of you, but for everyone else all bets are off.

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