Coffee Break [13/2/23]

Your mid morning pick me up

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Have you gotten a present for your sweetheart? Maybe this quiz can help you choose the perfect gift. But I’m not impressed with the coupled-up glassware suggested for me.

Never mix up your drinks again with these cute “bae” and “babe” glasses.

I think I can come up with something more romantic than that.

What, if anything, do you have planned? Date night, a quiet evening at home, or treating yourself?



  1. IIRC, in another post some time ago, many DeadSplinterites were more appreciative of small kindnesses and consistent thoughtfulness than of the grand gesture. Valentine’s Day sort of lends itself to the grand gesture, so not really my thing. What I do appreciate? Taking out the garbage. Feeding four dogs breakfast at 5AM. Sunday mornings with Irish coffee and the Time’s crossword. Throwing money at roses or chocolates one day a year will always be a shallow gesture when compared to daily consideration.

    • I am not a fan of grand gestures either. I had an ex that sent me roses every Friday for years. He was also a serial cheater and that was one of his least offensive behaviors. I hate roses to this day.

  2. We don’t do anything for Valentine’s Day.  Firstly, because it’s my step-daughter’s birthday.  Secondly, because going out to eat is a total shitshow.  Thirdly, because going out to eat, generally speaking, has become a major hassle with all of the things that Mrs. Butcher has decided she won’t eat anymore.  So, it’s a quiet evening at home for us.

  3. I buy flowers and a card because I know that she appreciates those things, but yeah we avoid going out to eat. We will wait a day or two and then go out for a nice meal.

    • That’s the kind of guy I am. But it was time. Her 10-year-old RAV4 was starting to show its age. It stranded her at the grocery store one night, plus lots of other small but expensive things were going wrong. Plus she has to go see her mother an hour away at least every other week if not more. I couldn’t take the chance of something happening an hour away, even with AAA.

      It was actually kind of touching. Her father owned a used car lot, and we were never allowed to buy new. We had to get them through him (not all bad, to be sure, but always used). My wife said, “This is my first brand-new car. Ever.” Funny thing is, her mother bought herself a new car a couple of years ago after my father-in-law died and said the exact same thing. “I’ve never had a new car before.”

  4. quiz is suggesting the sparkling pink gin for my gift…it would do the trick i guess

    no plans here tho…just work tomorow….probably….if we have any staff…had like…20 people call in sick today…or you know…a third of our workforce…lol.. whatever it is its clearly plenty contagious

  5. I was supposed to play volleyball but they finally cancelled it, good, since I am injured.  My wife will work until 730pm then come home and work another couple hours.  I will make her a nice dinner then not see her again the rest of the night while she works.  She is not big on romantic stuff anyways so no biggie.  We have too many plants and she hates me wasting money on flowers, especially when the prices are jacked up for a faux holiday.

  6. The regular gestures and thoughtful things matter way more than a random box of chocolates etc on Valentine’s Day.

    Back when I worked at an Ulta Beauty years ago, we had a regular who was a middle-aged man who came in often with his wife or his wife and preteen daughters. He was the sweetest man around his wife, you’d hear him from an aisle over saying things like “you should just get both” or “yes of course you should get that” in a very genuine tone.

    He also would just intermittently come in to get her favorite body lotion or some new nail polish for his daughters, and if you asked him if he needed help he’d be like “my daughter is upset over a stupid boy, what’s new that she might like?” So thoughtful!

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