Coffee Break [13/7/20]

It can be a struggle to get through the second half of the day.

Tomorrow is Bastille Day. It’s not a holiday I would, as an American, pay much attention to in normal times. But, mon dieu, as it has been noted, these are not normal times. Celebrating the storming of a symbol of tyranny feels like the right thing to do.

Some ideas for observing France’s National Day.

  • Start the morning with cafe au lait and a croissant
  • Watch Jefferson in Paris or Marie Antoinette
  • Play the Guillotine card game
  • Join AdabOfOppo in building your own guillotine
  • Drink champagne
  • Try your hand at French cooking
  • Too hot to cook? Have a picnic with bread, cheese, and macarons
  • Donate to your favorite revolutionary causes
  • Eat cake
  • Listen to La Marseillaise

But for my dog’s sake, please, no more fireworks!



  1. Fireworks ended here pretty quickly, which is surprising considering I live in Florida. We typically have at least three people lose fingers locally. Fireworks only went on a couple of nights. Usually you can count on at least a week, and often longer.

  2. I was in Tahiti for Bastille Day once, everything was shut down.  Like French Polynesians really needed another day to stop working and drink all day?  No fireworks there, just lots of beautiful people smelling of coconut oil and dancing in the streets drinking cold Hinanos.  Now this day is shot, I am already thinking about cold beer!  This coffee break went south quickly.

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