Coffee Break [14/12/20]

It can be a struggle to get through the second half of the day.

Maybe you don’t drink coffee. Or maybe everyone is on your ass to cut back on the amount of coffee you drink. (I DONT DRINK TOO MUCH COFFEE, YOU DRINK TOO MUCH COFFEE!) A person still needs a mid-morning break.

Enjoy this woman crossing an icy street,

these Porta Potties Singing the Hallelujah Chorus,

and these cute pups in holiday outfits.

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    • That’s great! One of Fanny’s favorite games is when I whip her, lightly of course, with an empty paper towel roll. I hit her on the butt, snout, and paws while she tries to grab it from me. When she gets it she rips it to shreds. 

      This is a very good looking cat.

  1. No coffee break necessary for us. This morning I made a “Continental breakfast” using up some dinner rolls, deli meats and cheeses, some mustard, and half of a bag of coffee beans from one of The Better Half’s far-flung clients/partners. I dug out the coffee grinder and the French press and I think I’ve caffeinated us to last the week, if not through Christmas. 
    I’m feeling in a Teutonic mood. Yesterday it was unseasonably warm so I made a big batch of potato salad. Last night it turned a lot colder, so I made hamburgers wherein I threw in some of my red wine stash, a diced onion, and some garlic. Fried those and topped with slices from a wedge of Emmentaler that the Forager in Chief picked up kind of by accident. No complaints from him or The Voracious Hound, who got his own little cheeseburger mixed into his kibble. 

    • A good burger is one of my favorite foods. I’ll have to try mixing in some red wine. Thanks for another great tip, Cousin Matthew. Scritches to the Faithful Hound.

      • You have to go very easy on the wine. You might have to add in a smidge of panko breadcrumbs so that the patties hold together. This is kind of disturbing to admit but when I make dinner I often have glass of wine at hand and when I look at something I sometimes think, “I don’t really want the rest of this wine, I’ll just throw it in and get something better later on.”
        The alcohol will cook off so you can’t get drunk off it, it’s a flavoring, but if you know that your guests are avoiding alcohol don’t even try this. I learned this early on, when I was in my mid–late 20s. A friend of mine told me (this was a very awkward conversation) that he couldn’t come to one of my parties because I was going to serve penne all vodka. 
        “Oh, ummm, if you don’t mind people drinking alcohol around you, like me and X and Y and Z, I have the penne and the sauce ingredients so I’ll just do something slightly different” So this friend came and we all had a fine time, it was a bunch of college cronies, but this is another pitfall that the bibulous chef needs to look out for.

      • This was not far from my mind. This morning, after The Better Half came back from the gym, over “Frühstück” I said, “Well, off you go, deploy to the eastern front [that would be Queens] or the western front [that would be New Jersey] but remember to defend the Heimat!”
        “Are you drunk? Put some clothes on because I have a video call in 20 minutes and I don’t need you–”
        I sang this to him FROM MEMORY

  2. I’ll be honest. I don’t need a coffee break because I have absolutely been shirking all work this morning (although I did polish up a cover letter and send a job application in, so I guess that is also work.) But I’ve mostly been walking around my house foraging for food and listening to a podcast about the latest episode of The Mandalorian. I did fix myself a cup of tea though! 

  3. Well, it’s not a coffee break here… more of a Diet Coke break. I do love coffee, but coffee and I just have to agree to disagree. I can have the occasional cold coffee drink, but that’s about it. 
    Also… is it really a break when about all I’ve managed to do today is drive the guys to work, start a load of laundry, and shower? Oh, well. 

  4. i only drink coffee before i go to work…3 or 4 mugs
    rest of the day i drink water (boss wont let me drink beer at work for some reason)
    also i feel bad for that woman…i bet shes all kindsa sore
    but i really want to play on that street…i love icy conditions

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