Coffee Break [14/3/22]

Your mid-morning pick me up

Happy Pi Day! Celebrate by solving problems with NASA, write a poem in Pilish, live stream events at San Francisco’s Exploratorium, or grab a good deal on a pizza. It’s been a while since we did a quiz. Let’s uncover your innermost secrets through your pie preference.

I got:

Hidden Self You’re afraid that no one knows the REAL you. You only let a few people get close, and you put up walls with most people. You’re worried people won’t understand or accept your true personality. Your close friends are the only ones who really see you.

Ooh, I’m mysterious!

Anyway, custard and cream pies are better than fruit. Pumpkin and lemon meringue are the best, blueberry is an abomination. These are not opinions, they are facts. But I’m willing to listen to your misguided beliefs to the contrary.



  1. Yummmmm, I love a good macadamia nut cream pie.  I am definitely going to take my daughter to Ted’s in May…

    No big pie days for me today, we are heading north for a few days and get some snowboarding in before the conditions turn to shit.  It has been too long since I have been on my board.

  2. I will be the heretic for today and say that cake is better than pie, especially if butter cream frosting is involved.

    My result was Secret Perfectionist:

    You come across as chill and easygoing, but you have another side. You prefer being in control. You have strong opinions about how things should be done. You’ve spent your life perfecting your methods, and it gets on your nerves when people question your ways.

  3. Best pies:

    1. Banana Cream

    2. Chocolate Cream

    3.  Apple

    4.  Peach

    5.  Key Lime

    6.  Blueberry

    7.  Pumpkin

    8.  Cherry

    9.  Peanut Butter

    10.  Lemon Ice Box

    Worst Pies:

    1-Infinity.  Any pie with that fucking, disgusting meringue.

  4. …if it’s heresy you’re after, look no further…for I suspect I may have a take that’s more heretical even than claiming meringue isn’t bad?

    …the first time I was invited to a pi(e) day celebration I entirely forgot the whole cultural-context thing & it never even occurred to me that I might be thinking of the wrong thing entirely…but…savory pies>desert pies

    …so I made a steak&ale pie (technically beef & guinness, I guess) & took that along

    …I can’t be the only heretic, though…not only did that get demolished with alacrity (to the point that I nearly missed out on my own creation) but I was invited back the following year on the strict understanding that I’d “make the same pie…only, maybe a bit bigger?”

  5. secret perfectionisnt (oh look,,,i invented a new word..i like it enough that im not going to fix it)

    anyways….the description seems to fit me well enough…but i wonder how it got there when all my answers were its okay,maybe and yes

  6. I got the Imposter Syndrome one.




    As for Pie Day, mine started Saturday, because that’s when the local “Fancy Grocery Store (As EdieB used to call it😉), started their Pie Day Weekend sale!😁😁😁

    So I got a slice of Key Lime pie for $3.14, and a half-pie of their Mint French Silk for the $1.57 off.

    I’ve had an obnoxious craving for the single-serve pieces of mint-chocolate cake that used to be at my old grocery store (which haven’t been in stock there for a few months now!🙃), and the Mint French Silk Pie is a good “second choice.”

    Eta, the other sweet pie I’ve been craving, which is incredibly reasonably priced (15.99 for a whole pie!), is from Sarah Jane’s bakery over in Nordeast. They’re closed on Mondays–whiiiich is good for both my budget snd my ‘beetus, because otherwise I’d be very tempted to go get their Rhubarb Custard pie. It’s pretty similar to a banana cream or coconut cream pie, but it’s made with rhubarb instead, and sooooooo good😉😁🤤

    Martha has a recipe, of course, annnnd I may try making one, if I can snag some Rhubarb later this spring/summer;

    • my work decided to celebrate pi day by treating everyone to a food in which pi is central

      loemPIa…yeah…they worded that pretty litterally….that’d be spring rolls btw

      was a lifesaver too….i managed to have a shitty nights sleep but still oversleep enough that i didnt have time for breakfast….

      spring rolls to the rescue! by the time i got to leave work i felt halfway human again

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