Coffee Break [15/2/21]

Your mid-morning pick me up.

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday. The last day of the carnival season, the final blowout before the forty days of Lent. I’m not a religious person, but I can appreciate the idea of sacrifice as a means to deepening a commitment. But the last eleven months have felt like one long Lenten observation. We’ve given up most social contact, spontaneity, and milestone celebrations. Many people are experiencing isolation and financial insecurity, as well as the loss of loved ones. Forgoing annual events is the responsible thing to do but the loss of customs and rituals that bring us joy and foster community is a bitter if necessary pill to swallow. Thanks to the good people of New Orleans, we can enjoy some of the fun of Mardi Gras with none of the risk. This year it’s Yardi Gras!

Little Shop of 2020 Horrors house

Locals can drive by the decorated homes and floats.

Floats in the Oaks, New Orleans City Park

The rest of us will have to make do with pics and videos from the map. Note, not every location includes a pic. Possibly nsfw.

The Pussyfooters – Quarantine and Chill

Laissez les bons temps rouler!



  1. My mom is from New Orleans and we still have a bunch of family there but I never made it to Mardi Gras.  I do love the food and music of that city, we could definitely do many DUANs on that city and never hit all the greats.  I was listening to a radio host playing all New Orleans rock and he said that he thought the Rock Hall of Fame should have been there until Katrina hit and he said, “Yeah, maybe now I get why they put it in Cleveland”. 

  2.  But the last eleven months have felt like one long Lenten observation. 

    I have been extremely lucky with work, wife, and other connections. But this is still spot on, and more so for a lot of folks.

  3. Well, friends, since I am the King of Overshare, I am heading off to an emergency room in a few minutes. It is nothing life-threatening but I finally went to a CityMD site this morning. I am almost certain to be held overnight so I will wake up on Fat Tuesday (should I sleep at all) in a Manhattan medical facility during a pandemic. I can’t log on from my phone to Deadsplinter, I don’t know why, so I’ll be taking a little break. I hope a very brief one. 
    Fear not. If no surgery is involved I should be conscious through my entire stay and I assume they feed the patients/inmates, so I’m already gearing up for an FYCE post: Hospital Food That Will Serve two, Plus the Ravenous Hound. Should my stay extend into Ash Wednesday and beyond I will claim to be Catholic and I will get FYCE: What Would an Observant Catholic Eat During Lent (With a Hospital Food Twist). 
    All in the name of research, of course. It’s always fun to learn new things.  

  4. Heart healthy cooking is pretty much all Lent all the time… but as a pescatarian I have few foods left to give up? Maybe I can give up being a miserable, isolation-breakdown wench, and put on a happy face for six weeks. Or not…muhahaha.

    • @Ellicoo Growing up in Pittsburgh eating during Lent wasn’t the deprivation it was supposed to be. The Ukrainian churches sold homemade pierogi , the Greek Orthodox churches sold spanakopita, the Catholic Churches all held Friday fish fries. Even the AME churches started getting in on the act and sold sweet potato pies, some Catholics would declare it a vegetable side dish, lol. Not my Shiite Catholic parents though. When I left the area I learned how bleak Lenten eating could be! 

  5. The VP over my department is from New Orleans and sends all her peeps a king cake every year to their offices. I miss that. I’ve managed to get the baby 3 times. There are a few places that make them locally but it won’t be authentic and I also don’t want to have to eat one by myself 🙂

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