Coffee Break [16/1/23]

It’s Martin Luther King, Jr Day here in the US, a commemoration of the life of the Civil Rights leader and an official day of service. How are you spending the day?



  1. Cleaning up and reorganizing the laundry room in advance of the arrival of the wall mounted drying racks we ordered the day after the electric company announced they were doubling their rate. Because of fucking course they did.

      • If you have some sunny spots near your house it can actually be cheaper & easier to have solar NOT on your roof.  My brother-in-law has a set up like that he did himself.

        We have only the minimum ($15-25) electric bill for about 8 months out of the year even with greenhouse heating & not much sun this time of year.  Although, it can be in $200 range in middle of winter.  Worth at least checking out but do your research & if you are in a republican state they may be trying to destroy solar options and not do net metering.

        • We have neighbors down the street who have ground mounted solar.  But, they have a huge lot and we live on a postage stamp, where there is zero room for a solar array.  What I’d really like to do is subscribe to a solar farm but everything I’ve ever read about the ones in our area is that they’re nothing but scams with shitty customer service.

    • I share my daughter’s Hulu account. And I hate it. They have some good original shows but they don’t offer the full catalogue of programs. For instance if you miss a couple of episodes of something and go back to watch them they may not be available. Or entire seasons are unavailable.

  2. spent the day working… was going to head out to town after nabbing myself a bite to eat to find me mum and her sisters birthday cards

    but upon getting home i found the gas bill waiting for me…i have now adjusted my plans to drinking…the birthday cards can wait a day

    €649 O.o

    normally this time of year my gas bill is 3x more than my electricity bill…which was €63….so i was not ready for 10x….. and im barely even keeping the place warm….fuck me

    fairly sure the energy companies will find excuses to keep the prices high at least till winters over too… wunderbar!

    welp…thats monday for ya

      • well..i actually have to pay 450 some every month as of now….and im considering lowering that amount as i expect my rates will drop again sometime in spring

        should all even out over summer as i’ll barely be using gas then

        sure feels like a gamble tho with the current rates….if i get it wrong ill have a pretty hefty bill come years end for what i underpaid


  3. I worked in a community kitchen on Saturday making freezer meals for folks who need them, so that was nice time spent with kind people.

    Today I need to do some boring shit like clean out a linen closet. The medical sundries shelf avalanched on me last night because of dumb things like having several partially used boxes of bandaids, etc.

    • Then you got your service in. 🙂 I usually pick a new service project every year on MLK Day but I’ve got too much going on right now. I’ll pick something up later.
      I should be cleaning out my kitchen cabinets but ugh.

  4. …think I have the dubious honor of hosting some family for the evening…so aside from probably not having tidied up enough I still have to figure out a film that nobody will hate & how to get through picking a menu in a similar goldilocks zone & getting a takeaway before we run out evening & everybody goes home hungry

    …you’d think that wouldn’t be too hard

    …in my family’s case you’d be wrong, of course…but even I still think it, so I’d expect you would?

  5. BabySmacks has off school, so he disappeared with friends last night. He’s relishing being 18 and being able to walk around town at night without risking a curfew ticket!

    H, O-H, and KS3 all have to work later, and I have a dr appointment. Exciting day, I know.

  6. Daughter postponed going home today & is returning tomorrow.  My wife required her to be able to make her own food and walk as far as she will have to walk to class.  Yesterday & today she had pretty good days and we just went for our first walk and she did well.  We may not get the rare blood test results for awhile so I don’t think her staying home worrying about it would be a good choice but it will be scary not being able to take care of her.  My wife thinks this will be some kind of life changing thing so we need to figure that out in the next 2 weeks or she will lose full semester tuition if she has to drop out.  I’m going to be positive and not think that way.

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