Coffee Break [16/11/20]

It can be a struggle to get through the second half of the day.

It’s been a struggle getting through the last couple of weeks. 2020 was difficult enough then we had the added stress of the election and the shutting down of the Kinja user blogs. And now it’s Monday. Take a break, pour another cup of coffee, and enjoy this video of Jaguar the tortoise playing soccer with Marcel the Daschund.

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  1. Speaking of coffee, does anyone have a rec for a pour over drip setup that goes directly on top of an insulated mug?
    I know someone who just uses a standard Melitta cone but warns that it can spill pretty easily because it’s not exactly matched with the top of the cup.
    Ideally it would have a permanent filter too so there is no disposable paper filter.
    Thanks for any ideas.

    • @blue dogcollar 
      I use a pour-over cone by LeafLoveLife from Amazon. I’ve never had any issues with tipping over, i don’t even see how it could? Very fine mesh, so no need for a paper filter. It should work with any beverage container as long as it’s not bigger than the filter stand.

  2. Off-topic but the kinja sub-blogs are now gone. Just before noon I started writing a reply to one of my comments on GroupThink and by the time I posted it I got a message saying “This blog is no longer supported.” So they pulled the plug at noon Eastern time.

    I think we’ll be seeing a lot more new faces over here.

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