Coffee Break [17/4/23]

Let this Lincoln, Nebraska man, doing his best Ricky LaFleur impersonation, be your inspiration for the day. Celebrate your victories, Deadsplinters. No matter how small.

I got up, made coffee, fed, and walked the dog. Huzzah! How about you?



    • I can understand Dominion wanting the $ but I hope they demand Fox admits they knew they were lying. But Fox will spin it as just reporting the news and they got it wrong, blah, blah, blah. And the right will claim it as proof there was nothing there.

      • It sounds like they might settle, which is so disappointing. I’d take them to trial and milk every last second of it because once it’s out of the courts, Fox can spend the next 6 months memory-holing it. I don’t expect their viewers to care, but it should be an object lesson to everyone else about what Fox actually is and does and who they’re working for and just how far you can trust what they say on air.

        • It should also be a massively painful object lesson for any other organization that engages in systematic defamation. My concern is that the settlement will be secret so nobody knows how much they had to pay. Honestly, Dominion is foolish if they settle. That’s not going to restore their reputation, and they’ve got to sell voting machines in every hick town and hillbilly county still. Without a public disclosure and apology the mouth-breathers are going to refuse to do business with them. They may anyway, but at least you can point to a major apology/retraction during the sales process.

        • Fox is definitely trying to create that impression, but who knows what Dominion is doing, or Fox really.

          Dominion doesn’t lose anything by seeing what Fox will offer today. Maybe they massively sweeten the pot, but otherwise if Dominion wanted a deal they would have gotten one a lot sooner before the doc dumps.

  1. Herded the four dogs to work, now herding the humans at work. So far all creatures are calm.

    Bill Chiweenie found a cherry tomato on the dining room floor this morning . . . which is eerie, as I haven’t served cherry tomatoes in months. He must have carried it in from outside, but the backyard is fenced, so I have no idea how it appeared. The “win” is that I found it before any of the four hooligans either ate it or nosed it under furniture to rot.

    Also – lilac season is here – I think I already said this elsewhere – nut I adore the fresh lilacs on my desk.

    • You have many small victories this morning! Maybe a bird dropped it in your yard, and Bill’s victory was finding it. 🙂 I love lilacs as well.


    • Recognizing that you don’t need to work yourself to death for a company that only cares about the bottom line is a victory. And not a small one.

  2. …woke up..went to work…discovered my team lead is awol and theres a noob to train

    decided my not entirely recovered from the weekend brain was not up to training anyone today

    sooo…i told a coworker to do it

    and they did! neato! not sure when i got the authority to boss anyone about…..but i guess its a perk that comes with being on the job longer than everyone else in my department..

    probably also a perk that comes with me not normally asking anyone to do anything for me…

    anyways…feeling right as rain again now 🙂 but ill let my coworker keep training the noob…. shit gets confusing when theres too many trainers as we all have slightly different ways of getting the job done

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