Coffee Break [18/1/21]

Your mid-morning pick me up


Whether you are celebrating Dr. King’s birthday or observing it as a day of service I hope you are doing it untethered to your desk. Less than half of all Americans have the day off, although the number is growing. The US is not the only country to recognize MLK Day and honor his legacy. The date is also commemorated in Hiroshima, Toronto, and on the last Sunday in January in the Netherlands.

Please take a moment today to reflect on the man and his legacy.



  1. My last job at a medical device company that I had for nearly a decade, we didn’t get the day. Now that my job is just momming, I don’t get any days off haha. I don’t know that I’ve ever gotten the day except in school.
    I should put on some speeches later for Lil to hear. 

    • Our local Unity Breakfast program is being televised. I’m watching it now. They have children reading essays and and children’s choir performances. He’s a little young to watch a whole program but maybe some children’s choirs on YouTube.

  2. I’m in a health insurance adjacent field. Some if our clients (actual health insurance companies) are off today but we’re not. The garbage man is also not off, they just came thru. But it’s a mail holiday, so you can skip the trip to the mailbox. 

  3. we have a MLK day here?
    i did not know that…lots of tributes on the telly today tho…including a gospel concert which i may well give a watch later

    • I didn’t know it was celebrated anywhere outside the US. But we’ve foisted enough of our bad cultural norms on the rest of the world. This is something I’d like to see catch on globally.

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