Coffee Break [19/12/22]

Your mid morning pick me up

Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol was released on this day in 1843. And was performed for the first time at the Surrey Theatre a mere seven weeks later. Since then, there have been dozens of stage productions and at least one hundred and thirty-five film and television adaptations. If I had to pick the best, it would easily be A Muppet Christmas Carol.

Although, I’ll confess that I also have a soft spot for the animated Mr. Magoo version.

What are some of your favorites, Deadsplinters?



  1. I had a tough time seeing Mr. Magoo as a bad guy, he was always just a lovable blind guy that shouldn’t have a license.  Now perfect casting was Yosemite Sam!

  2. “A Flintstone’s Christmas Carol”

    Now, let’s go ahead and admit that the Flintstones never made much sense from a chronological perspective. Despite what weird fundies think, dinosaurs didn’t hang around with Noah on the Ark or cavemen. But this is in a class all by itself. Fred is in a community theater production of a story that wouldn’t be written for thousands of years and actually references Jesus, who theoretically would also not be born for thousands (millions?) of years. So there’s whole universes of meta going on here.

    It’s both batshit crazy and really rather fun. That’s if you’re old enough to remember the Flintstones.

    • I don’t think anything in the Flintstones was supposed to make sense!  Somehow I enjoyed the show as a kid but never liked any of the specials.  Don’t get me started on the spinoffs either!

      • The original is far and away the best, even if it was plagiarized from The Honeymooners. People forget how groundbreaking it was to have an animated show in prime time and animated versions of stars occasionally guest starring, and topical references. Now that The Simpsons has done it for decades, people think nothing of it.

  3. I have an old copy of Charles Dickens Christmas Stories on the table in front of me, which doesn’t include Christmas Carol. Someone left it in out little library. I poked through it. I think I can see why it’s been left out of the annual holiday rotations.

  4. This has nothing to do with A Christmas Carol, but I offer this because some people like to read on their coffee breaks. The NY Public Library just released its list of the top ten books checked out in 2022. This one topped the list. It sounds great, and you all might have already read it, but I had never heard of it:

  5. Muppets, Bugs, Scrooged, and for “classic” versions–the George C. Scott one is the ONLY/best live-action “played straight”/by the book version i like.


    Sorta how Miracle on 34th Street is 1000000000000% better than that “It’s a Wonderful Life” trash😉💞💖

    • My big problem with It’s a Wonderful Life is that I would much rather have lived in Pottersville, which the Angel shows George Bailey is what Bedford Falls would have become if George Bailey had never lived.

  6. And for OTHER great Christmas films–

    A Charlie Brown Christmas–with the sad little tree, and How The Grinch Stole Christmas–Seuss’s OG cartoon version, with Burl Ives–or is it Karloff? Singing & playing the Grinch…

    (Not that Jim Carey abomination one!)

    • Boris Karloff did do the narration for The Grinch That Stole Christmas. However, Karloff couldn’t sing. The songs were performed by Thurl Ravenscroft, best known to generations of TV kids as the voice of Tony the Tiger. You’ll also hear him in the Haunted Mansion at Disney World and Disneyland.

      Burl Ives narrated and sang in Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

      • Thanks for that, @BryanLSplinter!


        I thought I was mis-remembering somehow in there (because I could PICTURE him, but I also couldn’t remember exactly which part I was getting wrong😉

        Did Ives do Frosty or Rudolph’s clay-mation show then?

        • Yep, Ives was the snowman narrator (Sam the Snowman) for Rudolph. The character is even designed to look like him. While his acting career (dude won an Oscar) overshadowed his singing career, he actually started out as a singer. He wasn’t in Frosty, though. 

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