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When you can walk its length, and leave no trace, you will have learned.


  1. The canine beasties are the best beasties. But I will say I have a friend who’s adopted several cats over the years and they all morph into dogs. I don’t know how he does it. They come up to you upon entering, they hop into your lap, they lick your face with their sandpaper-y tongues. I wonder if cats learn from each other. Maybe his first cat almost 30 years ago was dog-like, then he got a second and she learned the older cat’s ways, and so on down the line, never more than two cats at a time but overlapping. Most cats I’ve ever met aren’t socialized at all, and some of them are like urban myths, they supposedly exist but I’ve never seen them.

      • I was at a very intimate dinner party once and one of the guests said that she took in a roaming neighborhood cat that seemed to be in distress. About a week later the cat gave birth to six kittens. She had no experience with any pets. “So now I’m a crazy cat lady with seven cats and I’m hoping to rehome them ASAP.” I said, “Seven cats does seem to be a lot…” The hostess, one of the funniest people I know, said, “Or it could be just the beginning!”

    • My Samantha is an evil witch to anyone who isn’t me or Other-Husband… but The Noodle is basically a puppy in huge cat form. He’s 22 pounds of furry, good-natured floppiness. When my mom came over yesterday, he decided he liked her after a few minutes and sat between her feet for the rest of the visit. 

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