Coffee Break [13/1/20]

It can be a struggle to get through the second half of the day.

My first real job was working for our school district over the summer, cleaning and prepping an elementary school for reopening in the fall. Some of it was pretty gross, like scraping snot and gum off the bottom of desks. A couple of my friends worked there with me, one of them found an alcove above the auditorium you could climb up to and hide to smoke weed or take a nap. I didn’t get to take advantage of it very often myself, I was a girl, and therefore biologically incapable of operating a lawn mower or weed whacker. So I couldn’t disappear for long periods of time like Jimmy and Mike, who hauled some gym mats up to make it their personal crash pad.

I hope you aren’t having trouble staying awake this Monday morning.



  1. Oscar noms are out. These are my extremely hot takes.
    Anyone think The Irishman was boring AF?
    Also, I don’t get the Scarjo love.
    The Joker just seems so thirsty for some reason.
    Yay! for diversity Bong Joon Ho!
    I get that everyone loves Little Women and Greta Gerwig – but was it really that exceptional?
    I haven’t seen 1917 – I’m just not in the mood to see a bunch of people killed to sell movie tickets no matter how moving the story is.
    Knives Out was okay – at least it wasn’t a superhero movie.
    I did actually like Renee Zellweger as Judy.

    Anyway, I guess these are fine. I’m just going to binge The Expanse again.

    • I’m so tired of Scorsese’s mob stories. Unless he’d tell one about how a failed American businessman used his Russian organized crime connections to become POTUS. And I’m glad to see Gerwig included but for yet another retelling of Little Women? It’s like a nod to appropriate matter for a woman to direct.

      • I liked The Irishman quite a bit, but it would be tough for me to tell anyone it’s a must see.

        I think it’s the least pro-mob movie or TV show I’ve ever seen. The message is that crime is a miserable existence and everyone you love will hate you and you will die alone, without even the fleeting thrills of Goodfellas or The Sopranos, just decades of long misery.

        It’s not easy to watch all of this unfold, as you might guess. I could certainly imagine someone choosing another movie or reading a book or going for a walk.

    • The list of best picture noms is below…I don’t feel strongly compelled to see any of them. Should I? I saw Knives Out because everyone was going on about it and I was underwhelmed.

      Best motion picture of the year nominees:

      • I agree about Knives Out, it was…. okay. The only other ones on the list I’m interested in are Parasite, and 1917. I do not want to watch a comedy about fascism right now, even a satirical one. Or a movie that explains away criminal behavior by a white man because he’s sad, and mentally ill, anything with ScarJo – she bores the hell out of me. I’m tired of Scorsese and Tarentino’s shtick.

        • Knives Out was fun but very superficial. One thing I appreciate is that it was a moderate budget, no special effects movie that made a lot of money – Hollywood needs to figure out how to make more movies like this. I like the idea of drawing people away from TV and into crowds in theaters, and not just for big spectacles with short shelf lifes.

      • I enjoyed Ford v Ferrari – but I like car movies. I really enjoyed Rocketman but it got shut out. I also liked The Farewell – but again, shut out.

        I think the Oscars – like all awards shows these days – used to be good fluff but now that the world is literally on fire and weirdly moving towards right wind extremism – seem irrelevant and uninteresting. It doesn’t help that there is such a lack of diversity among the nominees.

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