Coffee Break (20/1/20)

We’ve all accidentally included the wrong person in an email, or talked shit about a coworker not knowing they were right behind us. But the embarrassed woman from this Ask a Manager letter posted fetish porn to a company group chat.

Alison Green’s advice is to blame it on spam, a prank , or a previous computer user. Which could totally work. We all believed this guy when he claimed his Twitter porn like was done by a staffer, right?

Don’t do anything stupid today!



  1. Own it and laugh it off…
    I would never quit a job where my boss describes me as “a genuinely amazing person!! She’s super smart and creative, exceptionally hard-working and reliable, helpful and kind, and just overall a great person to work with. I would even describe her as one of the best hires I’ve made, someone with a lot of potential! I can’t say enough good things about her.”

    • Nailed it in one. It’s hard to find a boss that likes you, much less one that publicly heaps praise on you. The fact that this manager is willing to go to bat for her and throw their reputation on the line speaks volumes.

      We should all wish that we had a manager willing to do that.

    • Seriously, I’ve had bosses who would have made this kind of mistake and then tried to blame me for it instead. Don’t quit a job with an awesome boss.

  2. Easy solution: blame your kid

    Hard solution: own it and pretend you meant to do it

    Best solution: blame your kid or SO and get everyone in the office to look at them strangely

    • As soon as she realized she should have gone out and bought a new computer, changed her email address, and texted her boss with the new info, telling her the laptop was stolen while she was on vacation.

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