Coffee Break [20/12/21]

Your mid-morning pick me up.

Christmas is only five days away. And for most of us, it will be a happy day spent with family and friends. But for many trans youth, homeless, or living in abusive and unsafe conditions, it can be a lonely and anxious time. It’s not too late to offer support with a gift sent easily, safely, and anonymously through Trans Santa. The organization was founded by trans activists, including actor Indya Moore, and is run by trans people. Wish lists are created on Amazon and can be seen on Instagram and here at

I only recently learned about Trans Santa, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to let you know sooner. But if, like most people, you’ve already shot your holiday budget and completed your charitable giving for this year Trans Santa accepts donations year-round. Please, let young trans and non binary people know that in spite of the increasing dnager they face, that they are not alone.



    • I had a great conversation with the owner of Toxic Threadz on our Seattle jaunt the other day.  He is an amazing black artist with a small store in a super high rent mall.  Dude had to show me his whole store, including the back where he makes the clothes.  When I told him I am a photographer he opened his computer and we started going over his process to design.  I had to buy some of his stuff (which is really cool but more than I usually spend for clothes) and support him.


      • Those are really cool. I’m going to send the link to my daughter. It looks like the kind of thing she’d wear. And she also likes supporting minority owned businesses. Thanks!

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