Coffee Break [20/7/20]

It can be a struggle to get through the second half of the day.

Parents from sixteen countries were asked what their children keep in their pockets. The answers are sweet, and funny. Some are as common as candy and small toys. Others, more peculiar, like the twig carried by 4 year old Wyatt, which he explains, is “a good stick.” Then there’s 5 year old Bilal from India, whose possessions are more precocious than that of the other children.

What’s in your pocket right now? I’m carrying a Kleenex and a biodegradable poop bag, both unused, from my walk with Fanny this morning. And the mailbox key that I forgot to return to the hook in the kitchen.

What has it got in its pocketses?


    • …this is a trick question, right?

      …surely the starter for 10 is “how many pockets have you got?”

      …depending on what I’m wearing that number can nudge up into double digits so some days that list is a lot longer than others?

      [I may be overfond of pockets…but today’s count would break the double figures thing if I put a jacket on & starts at gloves/mask(s)/sanitiser stuff before rolling on a bunch from there…it’s just now occuring to me that unbeknownst to myself I may in fact be a small child?]

  1. I have no pockets today (or most days). I did however carry 4 types of dog treats wrapped in a paper towel to the second floor office, because treats are mandatory among the four dogs with whom I work.

  2. Wallet, comb, keys, phone. But then I’m in the office today so I need my stuff. Phone is laying on the desk right now but I typically pocket it when I’m coming or going. I don’t even often use the comb, but it’s an old habit I can’t seem to break. It does come in handy sometimes.
    I used to carry a pocketknife wherever I went, but I kept running afoul of metal detectors in odd places, and my favorite knife was given to me by an old friend who passed away, so I stopped carrying it. I couldn’t bear to lose it to a TSA agent or security guard at the DMV.

        • ah..thats unfortunate…hope shes all cured soon
          tbh…over here its encouraged to pay by card…been a while since i even found a place that took cash only…(and im including the farmers market….all hooked up to wifi)
          ….i do find it easier to overspend now i cant phisically see my money dissapearing tho…

          • Yeah this is her second one. I’d like to know if there’s a way to keep her from getting them but I’m guessing the answer is no. She’s going to not enjoy me pinning her down while Mrs. Butcher pours the stuff in her ear and mashes it around. We do it outside so she can’t shake that shit all over the living room. 

              • So, $200 later, I get home with meds for her ears (she has an infection in both).  She hauls ass up the stairs to the door, as she is wont to do, and her back paw doesn’t catch one of the steps fully.  She tears one of her toenails about half off and is bleeding like a stuck pig.  So, now, she has two infected ears, a bandaged foot, and the cone of shame.  Her right ear bothers her so much she keeps trying to scratch it with her injured foot, but instead only succeeds in making it bleed more because it’s banging against the cone.  Our poor dog is a total train wreck.

                  • She had a very bad day.  We bandaged her foot up yesterday and kept her penchant for…high energy to a minimum.  She seems to feel a little better today because she can sit more easily (yesterday, when she would try to sit, the pain would stop her and she’d stand up again).  She bled through the bandage yesterday, so we changed it this morning and so far it looks OK. 
                    One thing about this dog is that she is the happiest creature on Earth.  When she gets shots at the vet, her tail wags.  So, while we were unwrapping the bandage, washing her foot and putting a new bandage back on, Mrs. Butcher had to hold her tail down with her leg so that it wouldn’t keep getting in the way.  I guess that’s to say the good news is she’s less happy than she usually is–but she’s still pretty happy.

  3. now, or when I was 5?

    I can’t remember for certain when I was 5, that was too damned long ago.  But I distinctly remember carrying a roll of electrical tape and a swiss army knife when I was elementary-school-age.

    Now, might be easier to list what I don’t carry…

    I’ve got a folder, my leatherman, chapstick, a small spool of braided fishing line, coins, a folded up dollar or two for spare changers, my main wallet, my card wallet, my transit card, a magnifying glass, a ferro rod, two peanut lighters, two prybar/bottleopeners, keychain, a flashlight, a keychain pen, a couple of keychain LED lights, my bike key, a pack of gum, a micro grappling hook, a pack of gum, an old broken hacksaw blade, an old carbide reciprocating saw blade, a small leatherman keychain tool, a tube with some emergency cash in it, and one of those swiss-tech keychain tools.

    I’ve also got a watch on my belt loop, not sure if that counts.  and a belt.
    My jeans tend to get holes in the front of the thighs first, in case anybody was wondering…

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