Coffee Break [20/9/21]

Your mid-morning pick me up.

Another Monday – the commute was a bitch, the boss is riding your ass, coworkers are annoying, and the clients even worse. You could use something to smile about.

I’ve got ya, Deadsplinters. Here are this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Finalists.

They’ve got your graceless pachyderms,

grouchy fowl,

and swingin’ simians.

The People’s Choice Awards are still open. My pick for this year is the peevish lizard. I feel ya’ buddy.

Who gets your vote?



  1. Grouchy Fowl for the win!

    • The pigeon with the leaf on its face is relatable too, lol.

  2. I think I’m with Hannibal and will be voting for the peevish lizard. I wonder what it is? Aren’t lizards somehow related to dinosaurs? Imagine coming across a 20-story-high version of that.

    • I think it’s a chameleon. I wish they identified the animals.

    • I believe birds are the closest relation to dinosaurs currently in existence.
      Imagine how terrifying a~10ft tall pelican would be…

  3. For some reason, the two penguins do it for me. “No, you idiot, it’s over there.”

    • Penguins are very hard to beat.

    • Well, that certainly takes the fun out of it. I wouldn’t want to promote anything that causes harm to animals.

      • Yeah, I didn’t want to be That Guy :/
        And it’s not all of them! More likely to be bugs and small animals. Just something to be aware of when you see them :/

        • @PumpkinSpies I’d rather you were that guy and I knew about it. In hindsight I feel pretty dumb that I hadn’t figured it out on my own. Because now that you call my attention to it , it’s pretty obvious. And that’s the kind of thing I don’t want to contribute to. I appreciate you telling me. 

        • If you are actually trying to inform people, I don’t think you are “that guy”
          I think “that guy” mostly comes into play when the person is just trying to “one-up” someone else.

  4. There is a group of penguins on the click thru who are line dancing; they get my vote. I Googled what to call a group of penguins, and a few places said that a “tuxedo of penguins” was correct. I love that.

    • @Elliecoo That’s perfect, lol. I learned recently that a group of corgis is known as a rowdy. I couldn’t think of a better description.

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