Coffee Break [21/2/22]

Your mid-morning pick me up

It’s Washington’s Birthday here in the US, a federal holiday more commonly known as Presidents’ Day, in honor of all the rich, mostly white, men who have held the highest office in the land. And how do we observe the event? By closing businesses, parades, time spent with loved ones? No, we shop!

Because capitalism = patriotism. “To be a patriot is to wholeheartedly believe in American capitalism and the strength of the US economy, to pledge allegiance to the flag and the market.

Are you doing your duty, Deadsplinters? At least buy a cherry pie in honor of old George.



  1. I’m going to buy something but not because it is Presidents Day.  I’ve been researching e-bike racks for weeks and finally think I found the right one.  Not sure why it is not expected to reach me until late April but that is probably about when I can actually take it to the mountains or somewhere fun anyway.

    • Getting anything shipped seems to take forever these days. I ordered new furniture last month and was told it would take 6 -9 months. No big deal but I haven’t even gotten my fabric swatches yet. I was hoping to sew some new pillows and drapes before the furniture was delivered. We’ll see if that happens. I also want to make a bar cart. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Like you once in a while, I get a holiday-birthday…

    unlike you, if it is a holiday-birthday, mine is a national holiday some years!😉😁

    So I’ve been having a totally lazy day, ate Mandarin Orange Chicken from Trader Joe’s for lunch (12 minutes in the air fryer!), and am heading over to see dad soon (just got back!).

    We have what amounts to a 4-ish/5-ish-day weekend at the school, Friday was a “no kid”/”staff development day and so is tomorrow… so it *feels* like 4-5 days, even though tomorrow is the only real wfh day…

    I’m up north at Dad’s, got up here late last night, and will be staying until tomorrow evening–after all the snow & crap gets cleared. It lets me feel like I had a weekend off, AND I still had a second one get to see dad & get stuff taken care of😉💖

    Got a bit chewed out by my aunties–they stopped by dad’s place, and apparently were aghast at the condition it was in (it is totally ripped apart, and I’d forgotten to do the dishes before I left last time, ‘cuz I suddenly realized the time & had to leave, ‘cuz it was after 10pm & it’s a 2+ hour drive back to Mpls!🙃) i’ve got stuff everywhere  right now, & I fully admit it’s messy–i’ve been pulling things out of the closets & going through it all, and that’s not gonna BE a “tidy” process, when dad has basically Russian nesting doll levels of stuff packed away in every little nook, cranny, & cupboard🤣

    I need to go through literally everything here, because he’s been keeping *everything,* and I’m finding things like vehicle titles (old, but from both sides of the family), next to receipts and the manuals of kitchen appliances that died a decade ago… and it ALL needs to be gone through, so that I don’t accidentally toss the important stuff, annnnnd when dad has “Russian nesting dolled” bags inside of boxes, inside *slightly larger bags* inside more boxes, it’s just MESSY!🙃

    Especially since the recycling here only goes away every two weeks, and trash goes midweek (and I refuse to be *that asshole* who takes up ALL the space in the recycling bins or the small dumpster!)

    • Happy Belated Birthday! I’m glad you were able to enjoy some downtime. I get that your aunties want your dad’s living conditions to be better, but geez Louise, you’re doing the best you can. And a lot more than many people.

  3. Thanks, my friend!!!💝💖💞

    She & i were able to have a really good chat & “catch up” session yesterday!


    Turns out, a LOT of the worry they had *wasn’t* what they thought, and it’s all cleared up pretty well😉

    I asked her if they’d checked the bedroom closet, to notice that the upper part is nearly empty, and she said, “Oh, No! We didn’t realize that!” I freely admitted that I’d left in a rush the last night I was up here, ‘cuz it wasa Sunday & I suddenly realized it was 10–so I had to leave the dishes (and I completely forgot to take out the trash & recycling!)…

    But I explained that the dishes all over the table are waiting for me to get storage tubs, and that I wanna run all of them through the dishwasher before I bubble-wrap ’em, and I explained that all of the large white trash bags inthe living/dining room area are bedding–the one on the floor that’s double-bagged is still musty, but basted-together quilts (i need to either rip them apart & wash the tops *or* get them safety-pinned together & wash ’em to get the mold spores off!), and the 3 trash bags on the couch are all clean quilts/blankets–but I left those bagged, because I wasn’t sure, yet, that all the mold was gone from the air–and I don’t wanna pay another $40-ish to RE-wash it all😉

    Turns out ^that^ was why they were so concerned–they thought the bags were trash, not clean linens, and were concerned about it🤣

    She was MUCH less worried,when I explained the method to my chaos, and thought it was a decent idea, to keep it all clean that way.

    We started to plan out some time for her to come up & help me get stuff packed, so I don’t have to do it allllll by myself, and she told me that I will definitely have family help, when it’s time to clear out all the stuff from the apartment & put what’s being kept into storage.

    It was a REALLY good “catch up” and we’re both back on the same page again😉💖

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