Coffee Break [21/3/22]

Your mid-morning pick me up

Everyone is familiar with the where’s my jetpack meme. Screw that, I want a robot goat! Bex, the ridable ungulate was designed by Kawasaki, can carry up to 220 lbs of cargo, and it looks like a lot more fun than a scooter for around town travel.

Of course, I’d rather have real goats that I could dress in little pajamas, but sadly my neighborhood isn’t zoned for that.

Has anyone else read GoatMan: How I Took a Holiday from Being Human by Thomas Thwaites? It’s very entertaining.

This is me procrastinating. What sort of silly things are you thinking about this morning, instead of work, Deadsplinters?



  1. Mrs. Butcher LOVES goats.  She wanted us to get a bunch of them so she could have goat milk and cheese, so I took her to a goat farm which gave her the opportunity to stare the hard reality of farm life in the face.

      • I knew at the time that Mrs. Butcher wouldn’t be up for never having a day off, or a vacation, and working 16 hour days, 365 days a year; and that she needed to hear it from someone who was already neck deep.  Farm life, much like the restaurant business, is not nearly as romantic as popular culture references paint it.

        • It’s kind of the children/puppy dilemma writ large. Kids want puppies but then don’t want to do the work, so it falls to the adults. And yes, they constrain your life. I remember horse-sitting for a friend once as a kid and boy did I get sick of it before they got back from vacation. I learned I DID NOT want a horse under any circumstances.

          Farm animals require a lot more ongoing care and if you’re planning on raising herds, it’s not really a finite commitment. Plus you don’t get 8-hour days, either.

          We signed onto the turtle thing without a lot of research and while it’s not super onerous on a day-to-day basis (now) it’s a decades-long commitment unless we can figure out some way to get him into some sort of rehabilitation place or a facility of some kind. If we turn him loose, he’s going to die. He’s not able to fend for himself at all.

          The one advantage to it is that over the years I’ve managed to automate almost everything. It’s possible to leave him for a week or two without problems — he’ll get fed and I’ve got cameras I can use to check up on him. When we first got him trying to get people to check in on him while we went on vacation was a pain in the ass. Once we took his entire tank and filter setup to our turtle-sitter’s house. He was a kid and couldn’t come to our house.

          • I wouldn’t mind being a gentleman farmer, where someone else did all the work and I just enjoyed the animals and grounds, lol. Animals are a huge commitment. I only have a dog because I grew up having them and so I’m used to all that’s involved.

  2. Any Dr. Who fans in the house?

    • Speaking of Hugh Grant, I recently watched him in 2018’s “A Very English Scandal,” which is a very excellent three-parter now on Amazon Prime. Grant plays Jeremy Thorpe, the leader of the Britain’s Lib-Dems, whose relationship with another, somewhat unstable, man, Norman Scott, played by Ben Whishaw, rocked Britain in the early 1970s when it was revealed. The trial must have rivaled the OJ circus we endured. Everyone is magnificent in it.

      While watching it, I thought, “Good for Hugh Grant, because he recently endured a Very English Scandal of his own when he was caught in an ‘affair’ with Divine Brown…” A little googling revealed that Divine Brown entered and exited Hugh Grant’s life in 1995 (coincident with the OJ Simpson trial) which is further proof that the pandemic has entirely warped my sense of time. Did something happen six months ago or twenty-seven years ago? I couldn’t tell you.

    • I watched the new Doctor Who fairly avidly until the last couple of seasons. And no, it’s not Jodie Whittaker, whom I like just fine as the Doctor. It’s just that there’s not a whole lot there that’s new anymore. The situations are always somewhat reminiscent of something that happened 7 or 8 years ago.

      Normally that’s not an issue with British programming, because it doesn’t last that long as a rule. But Doctor Who is eternal. I started getting intermittent during the last part of Capaldi’s run, and then watched several of the Whittaker episodes, but wandered off. I would drop in for an episode occasionally, which is fine, really. It’s not like there’s a lot you need to know to follow it if you’ve got a few years under your belt.

      • That’s how I feel about it. I liked Tennant’s doctor. And I know it’s heresy to most fans but I liked Matt Smith better. Mostly because of the interaction between him and his companions being less romantic. Capaldi was fine but it was starting to wear thin for me and I just stopped watching.

          • …always thought it was a missed opportunity that they never gave a full season to the guy without whom I’m not sure there’d have been a modern doctor who for jodie whittaker to take on

            …there hadn’t been any since back in the day & they they did a “special” that in retrospect was more like a pilot…& in that one-off the doctor was paul mcgann…perhaps best known as the “I” in withnail & I

            …thought he was great as the doctor…& there must have been a bunch of folks agreed with me since they commissioned the series…just not with him…I dunno maybe they offered & he turned it down…but I thought he would have been a better choice than the one they went with?

            • I didn’t watch McGann’s movie but I heard they didn’t ask him back. The thinking, at least the rumored thinking, was that they needed a “name” actor with a pedigree to make sure the new series was successful. The McGann movie didn’t do so well (but launching on Fox was seriously weird anyway), so they went after Eccleston. He supposedly wasn’t interested in any sort of long-term commitment, so his tenure was very short. Which, to me, was a good thing. I didn’t care much for his portrayal (too serious, honestly) and I mostly stuck around for Billie Piper. And of course she really clicked with Tennant.

              • …I could be remembering this wrong…but I think it went out in the UK as a sort of one-off christmas special kind of a deal…& was well-received enough that the BBC commissioned it as a series again?

                …but I agree it was a weird fit to air it on fox…& also that billie piper was more of a draw than eccleston, who lacked the fun but didn’t have the same kind of pathos I thought mcgann brought to it

                …then again I think tennant was more my pick than smith…& I’ve only seen some of even his run…so I don’t exactly have a full grasp of the subject?

  3. I’m engaged in a little corporate espionage.

    Yesterday we went to this wonderful Mexican restaurant for brunch and I had one of the best omelets I’ve ever tasted. According to the menu it was a Mexican omelet, and I’ve had (and made) many of those, but this was something else. It was nothing more than, you know, eggs filled with (according to the menu) chorizo, black beans, pico de gallo, and Oaxacan cheese. However, most local Mexican (“Mexican”) omelets have the pico de gallo lumped on top, not within, and Oaxacan cheese is not exactly common at the local FoodTown, so most places (and I) use Monterey Jack. Aside from that, the chorizo was ground and spiced in the absolute best way. Unmentioned on the menu was the delicious sauce that was drizzled on top, which I’m pretty sure was a variant of a colorado red sauce, but this was lighter and more orange-y, and whatever they did to it improved it greatly.

    This restaurant doesn’t have its own cookbook (they should) so that leaves me to troll Spanish-language websites looking for what, exactly, might have gone into this simple omelet. Step one. Then, I’m going to have to see if anywhere local has what I would need, highly unlikely, so I might have to send Better Half off to East Harlem (“El Barrio”) or maybe up to Washington Heights to see if he can find it. Neither neighborhood, though largely Spanish-speaking, has a particularly thriving Mexican community, they’re mostly but not exclusively PR and DR, but those are our best shots.

    It is important to have goals in life. I’ll share via FYCE if I ever pull this off.

  4. Goat yoga was pretty popular here a few years ago, don’t hear much about it anymore.

    My niece has a goat that plays catch with her, he is pretty damn good at head butting the ball right to her.

    • We have a high end shopping center in town that has goat, puppy and kitty yoga in the square. I was tempted until my yoga teacher reminded me that animals, especially young ones, have a habit of relieving themselves wherever they are, even if where they are is on you! I changed my mind, lol.

  5. I might’ve shared this before, but this is one of the stories my brother’s BFF shared with me after he passed away. It cracks me up.

    “Almost every memory I have of Pat involves laughter. But possibly one of the most ridiculous things he ever did was decide to get a goat, which he called “goat friend”.

    He wasn’t exactly living in the country at the time. It was the middle of [suburb], Ohio. I don’t even know if it’s legal to own a goat in [suburb]. Anyway, this goat was incredibly cute as a baby. But it didn’t stay a baby for long.

    Goat Friend quickly matured into a terrifying, virile adult male…with horns. The only thing he liked more than trying to ram people with his horns, was trying to create more goats with those same people (he was too dumb to realize that doesn’t work).

    He also developed quite a pungent odor, and loved yelling into Pat’s window all night. If you’ve heard what a goat sounds like, you can imagine how nice that would be. Eventually Pat came to his senses and found a nice gentleman who agreed to take Goat Friend for breeding purposes.

    I think Pat was expecting some kind of loyalty from the goat, but the guy just held out a carrot, and it followed him right into the back of a pick-up truck.

    Ah, Pat. I’m gonna miss your brilliant ideas.”

    • Lol, that’s a great story. It sounds like he was fun. Goats are a lot. When my friend bought her farm she didn’t know goats climbed. She was getting a loan and someone from the bank came out to the farm in her Mercedes and the goats jumped around on the hood of the car! Somehow she still got the loan, and the woman didn’t even want compensation for the hoof marks left on the car. I’m sure it was a company car with company insurance.

  6. My neighbor and her partner rescue male goats.  Apparently, once they’re done impregnating the lady goats, they’re not good for much so there are always excess males (story of my life).  They built a little playground for them in the area where they hang around.  Next time I go up to check my mail I’ll take pictures.  These are some pretty magnificent goats.  I’ll post pics when I can.

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