Coffee Break [21/6/21]

Your mid-morning pick me up

Happy Solstice!

Celebrating the pagan holidays is, for me, grounding. By appreciating nature and participating in some of the ancient rituals practiced by people for thousands of years, I’m able to step outside of myself. It’s humbling to recognize that I’m not nearly as significant as my self-absorbed nature would have me believe. But it’s a hot and stormy day so my festivities will have to take place indoors. Instead of a hike, followed by an evening fire, maybe I’ll bake something sweet, leave an offering for the fairies like my daughter and I used to do when she was a child, and listen to A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

There is no real evidence that the Druids used a Wicker Man for human sacrifices. But if we Deadsplinters were to hypothetically set someone ablaze, who would you suggest?



          • @bryanlsplinter I’d rather see Gaetz, and even trump, have to go through the court system. They deserve as much humiliation and financial ruin as possible. If, as I suspect, they wiggle out of it we can use them for the winter solstice.

            • I’m getting less and less certain that anything will happen to Gaetz legally or even politically. He’s going to come out of this even more popular with Republicans, because none of them see anything wrong with trafficking a teenage girl, and a majority would do it themselves if they thought they could get away with it. I had thought some lower-level Republican operatives might get snagged for their participation, but I don’t even believe that will happen now. My outlook today is gloomy. 
              And I’ve never thought they’d pin anything on Trump directly. Trump’s got too many people positioned to take any criminal liability. If they couldn’t pin Medicare fraud on Rick Scott, they’ll never manage to get Trump. He’s stupid, but he’s managed to learn enough about organized crime over the decades to make sure he’s not implicated in anything.

                • I hope you’re right. But I just get the feeling that people, including Gaetz the Elder, are pulling strings and calling in favors at unprecedented levels to make this disappear. It’s going to help that Gaetz’s accomplice Greenburg is taking the fall. The longer this goes on the more I feel like nothing substantial will happen. 
                  Gaetz is probably getting backslaps, high fives, and atta boys from virtually all his Republican colleagues at this point, and 70 percent are probably asking for the girl’s number. 

                  • …regrettably I suspect you’re right…the probability that gaetz will skate is high despite everything that’s wrong with that statement

                    …in terms of a first time, though…I honestly wonder if trump might not eventually see some consequences he can’t escape?

                    …even if he doesn’t see jail time it should be possible to have something hit him where it hurts…which is to say his pride & his pocket?

                    …I’d like to see him basically flayed by forensic accounting in the court of public opinion to the point that he & his no longer represent anything the GOP consider to be an asset worth protecting & see what happens then…for a start

                    …arguably no less vain a hope than that gaetz gets convicted…but the wheels of justice are said to grind slowly…& tomorrow is a new day?

  1. i’d like to set fire to whoever it was that planned this weeks work roster…
    they put me in charge of final assembly tomorow..which is fine.. less fine is that they gave me a crew of 3 noobies with less than a weeks experience between them on assembly and one hyperactive turkish guy who means well but unfortunately doesnt understand a word i say to him to take care of packaging…
    its already giving me a headache
    between trying to make sure the noobies are putting everything together properly and keeping an eye on the turkish guy to make sure he doesnt do anything wierd coz he didnt understand the instructions im probably gonna end up like this by the end of the day 


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