Coffee Break [22/2/21]

Your mid-morning pick me up.

Are you looking for a fresh start, thinking of pulling up stakes? Now that WFH, and the flexibility that comes with it, have become more prevalent, some cities in the US are offering relocation incentives to attract new residents. The programs include enticements such as monthly stipends, student loan payments, and co-working space. What would it take to get you to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma? Or Ozarks, Arkansas, where they are willing to throw in a bicycle and membership to local attractions?

Ozarks, Arkansas

Savannah, Georgia, Topeka, Kansas, and Hamilton, Ohio are also recruiting future citizens. There are some requirements like purchasing a home or meeting a time commitment before payments kick in. So, do any of these spots look like a good place to put down roots?

Savannah, Georgia



  1. If I moved, it would be out of the country.  I’d go to Scotland in a heartbeat.
    My mother had a building lot in a development in Savannah.  It took her 10 years to sell it.

  2. I’ve posted before about my week in Tulsa, the eerily abandoned city. You could, quite literally, lay down in almost any street in the middle of town during a work day and take a nap without being disturbed. I’m honestly surprised they don’t use it as a setting for more apocalyptic movies. You wouldn’t even need to block streets off. 
    I can completely understand them offering incentives to get people there. I am more dubious about why anyone would take them up on it. 

  3. actually be pretty tempted…the ozarks looks like i could have some fun there 
    but tbh…that whole guns for everyone thing is really quite off putting to me

      • yeah but with hills and weather
        anyways…i can tolerate the frysians…. cant understand em….but thats probably why i tolerate them
        suspect the midwest would be much the same :p

        • but…im like the only person on here thats non capital fancy writing shit
          are you lizdexic?
          (sorry…missus is dislexic and called liz…)
          i’d go for bob….but its always taken

      • anyways….funny thing ive found out over the years
        but i can ignore a great amount of stupid
        or hatefull shit
        really..i just thats nice dear that shit
        that said i do find myself longing for the sticks…..nearest neighbour 10 miles away?….souynds good

          • lol each to their own
            i love the conveniance of town
            but i also love the sollitude of the country
            i’d need to get a car again tho
            (or start planning weekly shopping trips by bike….)
            but yeah….grew up in the sticks….im about ready to go back to me roots and hermit

    • Listen as someone who lives a few hours from where the Ozarks region starts… fucking don’t do it man.

      If you manage to get in an area that isn’t redneck hooterville deep intergenerational poverty, you’ll be neck-deep in racist fuckers. But the kind with money. 

      • welp….i’d probably end up in hooterville then…as im fiscally challenged
        but tbh….i’d never make it there anyhoo
        (seriously….you try getting a fucking a visa with a less than spotless record, a blue collar skill set and no money)

  4. I have a couple friends that live in Moorea, no more beautiful place in the world and the nicest people you will ever meet.  I would move there in a heartbeat!

  5. Now, if NM were offering up some big bucks, then I’d need to have a serious conversation with Mrs. Butcher about taking them up on it.  She’d probably still decline because the girls live in this area now…but my aging mother lives in NM and at some point in the (hopefully distant) future I’m going to have to burn a bunch of ETO to deal with her eventual demise and the estate issues.

  6. Natchez, Mississippi is doing this too.

    It’s actually a lovely town with lots of historical houses.

    Fun facts time! Natchez was a town with a fuckton of wealthy Northerners who moved down to the South. Bankers and industry folks who could make even more money off the slave economy in the South. I’m sure most moved in and then got their own slaves right away.

    Anyhoo, when the Union army was marching through the South and burning shit down, they surrounded Natchez and there was a blockade. City leaders were like “heyyyyy general…. you know you and your officers got it real tough camping out there. Wouldn’t you just love to enjoy staying in our fancy houses instead? Lovely housing, nice food, better than camping, and hey don’t burn or loot our houses, mmmkay?” 

    And that is how small little Natchez has a fuckton of antebellum houses still. 

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