Coffee Break [24/1/22]

I got nothing, Deadsplinters. And that means it’s quiz time. I had to Google some of the places and objects before I could answer all of the questions. But you’re smarter than me.

What Would Your Medieval Job Be?

I got


You’re the chef of the medieval world, making only the most delicious food for the people of your area! There’s nothing you can’t cook, from a simple cereal to a more complex serving of meat. You serve everyone from the peasants to the king, who demands only the finest food. You don’t mind “delivering” on this!

Have a great Monday.



    • Yikes, isn’t that a bad thing to be?

    • This is an ironic role for me.  Back in the day, late 1800s, the Korean Emperor (Japanese or Chinese puppet) claimed that my great great grandpa was a tax cheat and sent a tax collector to collect it (turns out that it was someone else with the same name.)  Tax collection in late 1800s Korea was something akin to mafia tax collection, lots of torture and terror.

      Anyway, the tax collector, his goons and the informer wandered into area where my great great grandpa lived and were ambushed by 30-50 pissed off relatives led by my great grandpa who beat the snot out of them, stripped them naked and sent them back to the royal court.  My family spent the next decade or so hiding from police and soldiers till the Japanese deposed the Emperor/ took over in 1894.

      Tax collector…. ha.

      • That’s a great story. I’m glad your ancestors prevailed, although hiding from the authorities couldn’t have been much fun.

  1. I got Baker as well. Though as a woman I’d probably just die in childbirth.


    • LOL

  2. That was long. Tax collector too. Anyone pick dolphin? I wonder if that opens up a career in the Navy or as a Pirate.


    • It was long, sorry. Another tax collector, I guess it could be worse. You could have gotten shit shoveler.

    • i picked dolphin

      still got baker tho

      • Hmmm, you would have made a good, rum swilling pirate.

  3. I got tax collector too. Are there only two jobs in this medieval scenario? And, recognizing a “personality test” when I see one (they’re all frauds) I opted, mostly truthfully, for the most outgoing answers, hoping I would get “Popular Benevolent Monarch.”

    • To prove how silly this site’s quizzes are, if you scroll down when you finished there are others. I took the “What Decade Should You Be Living In?” I got “RIGHT NOW!” Really. Well, that settles it then, I’m off to the IRS website to see if they’re hiring, because I am so content.

      • All online quizzes are silly.

    • Either that or Deadsplinters are a type. 

      • I’m the type to be a baker with you and most of the others😉🤣💖

        • You’d be a welcome addition to our guild.

  4. “Fun loving, great singer, and popular with the girls — Micky Dolenz.”

    Then it told me to stay away and not take any more quizzes.

    • Wait, Mickey Dolenz was around in medieval times?

    • It looks like there are only 3 jobs – tax collector, baker, Mickey Dolenz.

    • They’re weren’t many employment opportunities in medieval times apparently.

  5. Also a baker. Apparently, whoever made this quiz didn’t bother to put more than 2 jobs in for the results!

    Side note: I love history and do a lot of reading about everything from the Romans to the Renaissance. Had I been born in ancient times, I wouldn’t be here. My mother and I would most likely have died during my birth because I was “stuck” and she had to have an emergency c-section. Had I survived that, I would likely have died as a child because I was a sickly little kid and I was constantly on antibiotics for something or other. Had I survived THAT, I would definitely have died from the terrible ear infection I had a few years ago that turned into mastoiditis (which is where the bones of the skull behind the ear get infected and, if untreated with antibiotics, can lead to brain inflammation and death). So, basically, I’m really glad I live in modern times, despite my fascination with history and how dearly I would love to live in a castle!

    • Seriously, where are the farmers, barbers, and merchants?

        • ?

    • Yeah the scarlet fever at age 4 probably would have done me in.

      If not that I would have sassed too many men and been killed for being a witch.

  6. I am also a baker. The revenge of the Bundt pan?

    • That’s a lot of bakers. Whose buying all that bread?

  7. Fellow baker. I guess I cannot bring my fear of carbs to the Middle Ages with me.

    • Third occupation found: I changed some answers and unearthed this possibility. I think I’ll stick with baker.

      You Got:


      No, we’re not talking about your name! Building the city that you live in is no easy task. You have structure in your day, and you also make sure that it is in your work. You’re great at working with your hands, and you have high standards of both quantity and quality. You have to make your living, but you also have to do it right, after all!

      • Ah, so it is because Deadsplinters follow a certain pattern and not because the quiz only has two options. Good to know!

  8. Fool.  I would be a fool.

    • I’m surprised we didn’t have a half dozen fools on here.

    • Yeah, I got village idiot so tomayto tomahto.

      • Did you really? lol

        • No, I couldn’t make it through…it was too long and had too many references I had no idea about.

  9. I got Mason.

    Which ahhhh no. I’m lazy and don’t like breaking my fingernails.

  10. Your occupation would be something more agricultural, farmer or herbalist.

    • You did build this little village. 🙂

    • Mason – Woohoo!

      • I can see that, you’re a hard worker, creative.

  11. This thread turned out to be delightful and totally worth taking the quiz. Thanks @Hannibal !

    • You’re welcome Lol, I honestly couldn’t think of anything else to post. It can be difficult to come up with non political fluff these days.


      Anyone who’s like to take a stab at a Coffee Break or Happy Hour pm me. Or if you come across an interesting story you want me to post.  😊

    • Another builder, good. Someone’s gotta buy all that bread we’re baking.

      • Or….

        Depending on how dense (and edible!) that bread is…

        Perhaps find another purpose for it!😉😆💖

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