Coffee Break [24/2/20]

It can be hard to get through the second half of the day.

What are the first words that spring to mind when you hear used car salesman?

Compassion, generosity, heart? If not, maybe James and Haydee Charles will change your mind. The North Carolina couple has invited people living in their cars, to park in an unused portion of their lot at night, providing them a safe space to sleep. If you’re in the Charlotte area, and looking for a used vehicle, stop by Kiplin Automotive. An ethical, community spirited, business deserves success.



  1. “What are the first words that spring to mind when you hear used car salesman?”

    For me, those words would have to be “No Jack Johnny”

    Also known as “my former neighbor,” a SWEET, lovely man & a bit of a goofball when sober, and even when drinking with the neighbors/out at a bar.

    But who turned into the biggest PITA, whenever he got his hands on some Jack Daniels Whiskey😂🤣🤣

    He was known around town–and at ALL the bars in town as “No Jack Johnny,” and EVERY bartender at every bar in town had strict orders to *NEVER* allow him to drink Jack at their bars.

    In fact, at one of the bars, he wasn’t even allowed *into* the bar, if he arrived ornery from drinking Jack earlier.

    The bartenders there (all women, and Jonny was horrible at lying, so they ALWAYS got the truth out of him🤣) would just ask him, “Johnny, did you have Jack tonight?🤔🤨, he’d tell the truth, and they’d either call up his wife, or call for the free local cab to take him home–and while he waited, his ONLY option there would be water.

    He’s a GOOD used-car salesman. He just has NO tolerance for Jack.😉

      • He was only like the George Washington when he was drunk, though😉😂🤣

        Mostly just because he couldn’t keep his story straight when he was drunk, and they could ALWAYS pull the truth out of him after a little while😉

        Sober Johnny was MUCH better at… “stretching” the truth. Although he typically didn’t try to outright lie-lie if he could help it, because if he drank later on, he’d still get caught out😂

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