Coffee Break [25/4/22]

47 years ago this Wednesday, Monty Python and the Holy Grail was released. And in my humble opinion is still one of the funniest movies ever made. Most people I know can quote whole scenes from the movie by heart. And I’d be shocked to learn that any one of you hasn’t said, “He’s got huge, sharp…”, with finger gestures while talking about a rabbit at some point in your life. The ridiculousness of tiny Peter Cottontail as a vicious beast is obviously hilarious.

But, as I recently discovered, killer bunnies were a common medieval manuscript illustration. Who knew?

Probably the late Terry Jones, who was in addition to co-writing and directing the film, was also a respected historian. Did you know this, Deadsplinters? Am I the only person who didn’t fully get the joke?



  1. I only knew of killer rabbits through Monty Python.  Yesterday though while gardening we found a rabbit hole with baby rabbits under a plant in our yard.  My wife wanted to dig them out as one poked its head out and scared the shit out of her.  I said I wanted no part of killing baby rabbits!

  2. I’ve told the tale of our gigantic mama rabbit that lorded over our front yard growing up- so for me that Python sketch is more documentary than fiction.

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