Coffee Break [25/9/23]

Your mid morning pick me up

Autumn has barely begun, and I’m already thinking about winter. The Old Farmers Almanac predicts cold and snowy weather for much of the US and Canada. Some people are reporting an increase in the number of acorns they see. Which, according to folklore, may also be an indicator of harsh weather. Do you buy into such signs and portents, DeadSplinters? And plan accordingly? I have a neighbor who keeps me generously supplied with firewood. As long as I have dog food for Fanny and plenty of peanut butter, I’m confident we can survive whatever nature has in store.



  1. I’m guessing mild winter, but with major snow storms for those of us in traditional snow belt areas.*

    *based on traditional El Nino weather patterns not the Farmer’s A

    • I saw that NOAA’s forecast more closely resembles yours. But I give up on believing any forecasts at all. Just this morning we got rained on during our walk in spite of a 0% chance of precipitation. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Fair enough. Weather is more on probabilities (gambling… but cheaper than Vegas.)

  2. I’m expecting a Florida winter, so any real winter weather will be a nice surprise.

    • Umm, same? Winter here is when the grass stops growing. Although the last few days the temperature dropped into the 80s from the previous high of incinerate, so that’s something.

      • I don’t know how people live in extreme heat.

        • I’d like to say we develop a higher tolerance but I don’t think that’s precisely true, although yes, people who aren’t used to it start sweating much faster than those of us who are.

          But I think you learn coping mechanisms, really. Seek out shade, for parking, or walking, or even when you’re standing still. There’s a mental calculation you do if you’re in a parking lot — is it better to park in shade and walk, or park close? Shade almost always wins because old people take all the close spaces. A cooler car is normally worth the walk, even if the walk is across a hot parking lot.

          Hats are pretty much a requirement if you’re outside. I’m also starting to see a LOT of people carrying umbrellas on sunny days to keep the sun off. Go to the theme parks and in addition to umbrellas you see people with electric fans around their necks or neck cloths they soak in water and wrap around their necks or heads. I do that a lot when I’m walking or mowing.

          Air conditioning is mandatory. I’ve mentioned before that I grew up in a house without AC, but that was a LONG time ago when the earth was cooler and we still had something resembling winter. Now not only do I have AC, I have backup portable and window units in the garage in case my main air craps out and I can’t get it repaired right away. Trying to sleep in high heat and humidity is the WORST.

          Same with cars. The car I drove to high school and college didn’t have AC. A few years ago I traded in a truck because the dealership couldn’t figure out why the AC kept dying. I’m like, fuck it, send out a salesperson, I’m not driving that thing home again. Seriously, it was like driving an oven.

          Shorts are practically classified as formal wear here. Same with sandals. No sandals with socks because a. it’s dorky and b. you need the ventilation. Fix your gnarly toenails.

          Stuff like that.

    • I wouldn’t mind a Florida winter but that would mean subjecting myself to Florida residents. Present company excepted of course.

  3. i have noticed that theres a ridiculous amount of conkers this season

    now i dont know if that says anything about winter….but im concidering wearing my bike helmet for my walk to work

    i swear the trees aim for me as i pass by…and a conker to the head is actually quite unpleasant….

    stupid ents

  4. We have these things here known as hedge apples and when they bean you it can leave quite a bump!


    • *googles*

      osage orange hedge appel….not only is it both an orange and an apple…they are in fact green

      i can only assume the deparment of naming things is one of those jobs that doesnt do drug tests

      • I’d like that job. It would be fun for a number of reasons.

      • I was told they keep mosquitoes away but I don’t know if that’s true.

  5. My BFF’s dad loves to pick up acorns out of his front yard. He’s 81, he’ll go out there for hours with his little roller cage and fill up orange home depot buckets of them. I guess he doesn’t like to mow over them? IDK, the man’s been obsessed with his lawn for as long as I’ve known him, which is 44 years.

    • I guess if you’re using a push mower it would hurt if they hit you. On a riding mower I’d just run over them. My neighbor has to pick up the crab apples in her front yard daily this time of year. Or they attract too many bees.

  6. We are in the too warm for heat/too cold for no heat season. I have a huge furry wrap that I wear all day, but my fingers are like ice. Maybe finger-less gloves are in my future . . .

    • There are some very elegant and dramatic ones on Etsy that I can see you wearing.

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