Coffee Break [26/4/21]

Your mid-morning pick me up.

Here’s a story about the kind of police work that we can all support. Animal control officer Susan Perez needed to round up a bunch of ducklings that got lost in a storm drain, so she played “mother duck sounds” to bring them to her so she could reunite them with their mother.

I say every police force in the country needs to spend more time learning how to connect with little ducklings, and less time…you know…killing people.

I’m telling you right now that Mrs. Butcher would rescue those ducklings, and then lie down on the ground and weep with ecstasy while they peeped all around her.

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  1. The NYC police have two officers who are devoted to calls involving bees.

    Which on one level makes sense, because you figure first responders in a big city are going to encounter a lot of bees. But on second thought it’s nuts — there ought to be enough animal control officers to handle these calls.
    The underlying problem is that police budgets swell while other budgets stagnate, and more and more cops end up handling everything short of fires.
    When it’s bees, it’s just kind of funny, but when it is someone with a major mental health issue, police tend not to be able to handle it like a trained social worker or medical pro. Which is why people with serious issues get shot far too often.

    • I blame Tommy Boy.

  2. Make way for ducklings!


  3. Mrs. Butcher is my kind of gal.

  4. its actually my second morning pick me up….im counting the sushi induced food coma i had as a nights sleep…soooo now its morning again
    i need to get me a couple analog clocks…the digital ones kinda spoil the illusion with their stupid 24 hour countyness
    12 is all a civilized person needs i tells you….

    • in unrelated news…im posting by candlelight as the lights are out in the living room
      and by lights are out i mean the fucking lightswitch fell off the wall and i now have two live wires dangling freely that will not be getting touched till i have daylight and can switch off the power
      im not suicidal enough to touch the lectrickery in this house when its still live

    • I really need that 24-hour format/military time on my clocks.  Too many times I’ve taken a nap or passed out in the evening, woke up a couple hours later, looked at an analog or 12-hour am/pm clock, and thought I was a couple hours late to work, panic showered, threw on some clothes, and ran out the door before I wondered why it’s so dark out…

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