Coffee Break [27/4/20]

It can be a struggle to get through the second half of the day.

In early March I shared my attempt at internet trend whipped coffee. It didn’t go so well. But today I came across a simple chilled coffee beverage even I can’t screw up. Coffee soda courtesy of POPSUGAR. Don’t judge me, it’s raining, I’m stuck in my house and bored!

I didn’t have any cold brew so I used 2 parts of iced coffee and plain sparkling water. It was delicious, refreshing, and best of all foolproof. This would be easy to customize, adding milk or flavored syrup. I think this will be my go-to summer afternoon coffee.



    • The forecast where I am is rain changing to snow, another typical NE spring, so iced anything is out. I’m contemplating an adult beverage for my break because I just got another, ‘should we have a meeting’ email and I want to scream. Why do people have to turn everything into a meeting? Those that can, do, those that can’t, schedule meetings. I said that.

      • …I’m starting to feel like it should be socially acceptable to ask the people who want to do videocalls some questions before answering?

        …like, do you actually have any reason you need to see my face, let alone the appalling state of my housework?

        …do you understand how the noise-cancellation software functions in your chosen software?

        …is there going to be more than 50% of the time spent actually engaged in a multi-directional conversation or am I going to spend the majority of my time watching people who won’t listen talk over one another in silence while I speculate about what part of this process they don’t get?

        …because I’m all stocked up on that last one for now, thanks

        • I just turn off the camera.

          If someone asks why I’m not showing up on the screen, I tell them that the way my office is set up, there’s too much glare. “If you really want a searing headache, I’m happy to turn it back on. But I’ve already had complaints.”

          Then I post that GIF of Nazi faces melting in “Indiana Jones”, and no one has an issue with my camera remaining off.

      • I hate meetings. You always get that one person who drags them out by asking a million unnecessary questions. Your spring sounds rough but when I’m dripping in the Bluegrass hot humid May weather I’ll wish I was there.

        • Me too. My company lives on the damn things. You can always tell the people who have the least to do, because they constantly schedule stupid and useless meetings. We got our pay cut by 10%, and the smell of layoffs is in the air, so the do-nothings are hysterically firing off meeting requests. Bleh.

    • I usually get mine from Whole Foods but I’ve been boycotting them. I have a friend who works there, and they aren’t allowed to wear masks because it makes the customers uncomfortable. Know what makes me uncomfortable? Thinking my friend could die because of his damn job!
      Thanks for the rec.

      • Ugh, that’s awful about Whole Foods.
        Mr. McGee bought me a cold brew system for my birthday but only because he wanted it. It’s currently on long term loan to a neighbor. I’m pretty wedded to my Nespresso. [shrug emoji]

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