Coffee Break [27/7/20]

Let’s take a break from today – to talk about tea. I’ve never really enjoyed tea. I like the idea of it, the rituals surrounding it, and teapots. I wish I had use for a pretty, whimsical teapot.

I even like the taste of tea, especially Earl Grey, because yes I am basic. But it’s never quite as satisfying as coffee. Tea is supposedly good for mood and cognition, and I can certainly use help in both those areas. Tea drinkers, what am I doing wrong? Is it in the brewing, do I need honey, lemon, or milk? How do you take your tea?



  1. …there are many finer points of tea…pretty much all of which a coffee drinker such as myself couldn’t possibly help you navigate…but probably you could do worse than consult a brit?

    • I think I need to stop thinking of it as a coffee replacement. It’s a whole separate thing.

      i never heard of the Pukkas but I have a cinnamon tea from

      Harney and Sons that’s pretty good. I usually only drink it in the winter when it’s really cold outside.

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