Coffee Break [ 28/2/22]

Your mid-morning pick me up.

Last call for paczki! Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday, and while I love a holiday celebration, it always felt weird for me to eat Cajun food and King Cake, having no connection to New Orleans. But having Polish friends and relatives is all the justification I need to indulge in the delicious jelly-filled pastries. They are now available in grocery stores and bakeries around the country, even here in the Southern US. I’m picking up my order this morning, raspberry and lemon, and will try to hold out until tomorrow to eat them. Get them while you can before they disappear for another year. Do you have any pre-Lenten traditions – gumbo, pancakes, paczki?



  1. From that link:

    “You probably haven’t seen the Coney Pączki yet: it’s a mashup between a pączek and a hot dog, where the bun is replaced by a glazed doughnut and the filling consists of a steamed sausage, mustard and chopped onions.”

    Yikes! For the first time ever I’m thinking Lent might be a good thing.

  2. Man, you want pączki, you go to the Anna’s bakery on Chicago Ave and Leavitt Street in Chicago.  They got the goods over there.  I allow myself one per year, and my wife is going to Chicago next week so she’ll pick some up.  Also, their rye bread is terrific.

    • lol fly you! I know Chicago and Detroit are supposed to have to best paczki. I’m grateful that they are sort of trendy or I wouldn’t be able to get them at all down here.

    • I am convinced autocorrect is an experiment in neo-Dadaism perpetrated by anarchists who have infiltrated Big Tech. When I write about one of my brothers, and he’s in the email or text chain, it used to autocorrect his perfectly common first name to a mild and somewhat archaic expletive which I have never written. I turned it off a while ago.

      • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

        That conspiracy theory made my day. I used to call a friend Swan. His name was Ryan. The first iteration of autocorrect on my pushbutton cell would always turn it into Swan and I gave up fighting it.

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