Coffee Break [29/8/22]

Your mid-morning pick me up

I’ve gone on record that I prefer popsicles to ice cream. And I’m not opposed to unusual flavors. But was this necessary, Oscar Meyer?

I guess you could serve it with a ketchupsicle.

Are these a yes or no for you, Deadsplinters?



  1. Letting your dog drink out of a human water fountain? Yay or nay? What if there’s a bowl available to fill right next to it?

    I just witness a woman lift her dog to the fountain and refuse a doggie bowl “because it’s just too cute to feed her through the fountain.” We’re at the playground and am like “And that my kids, is why we bring our own water.”

    • Not cool!  People in Seattle think they can take dogs everywhere and let them do anything.  It is out of hand how many idiots have dogs at the grocery store.  Now that you can buy service dog docs online it has gotten 10x worst.

      and as for hot dog flavored anything other than hot dogs, NOOOOO!

      • I love my dog. I love her more than I like people. But I don’t subject everyone to her. There are plenty of dog friendly places I can bring her, I don’t need to insist on her going everywhere.

      • (I’m still in Montreal)

        I agree that unless it is a service dog, please don’t bring it into the grocery store or any indoor establishment. There are lots of people and kids who are afraid or allergic to dogs. I’m a dog person and until a year and half ago had a husky German shepherd mix who looked like a wolf. She was super friendly and well behaved but some people, kids, and dogs were fearful of her. We would make sure to give them lots of space and have our dog sit while they passed us on the paths.

    • I don’t see the issue with the water fountain?

      I trained my last German shepherd to jump up and use a water fountain. He just lapped at the water the same way a person uses the fountain. There wasn’t any contact between him and the part where the water came out.

    • I love dogs, but the urge to bring them everywhere all the time is out of fucking control. They do not belong in grocery stores or — gaaaaaack — restaurants. I don’t care how well behaved the owner says they are (often not) but no, there’s just no need.

      And by the by, this goes for emotional support animals, too. Just because you have a doctor’s note that you have anxiety shouldn’t give you free rein to bring an animal everywhere you need to be. That video of the alligator in the Philly splash park was not funny; that is bad for literally everyone involved, especially the animal.

      If this country treated minority groups half as well as we treated dogs, we’d have officially ended racism 20 years ago.


      • 100% this. Years ago when I worked in the makeup store, it was in the same plaza as a Petsmart or Petco (I forget which).

        We had so many people get pissy with us when we said their dog couldn’t come in!

        One lady who we told that to more than once completely lost her shit because there was a local group that trained SERVICE dogs and we let them bring the dogs in for training (lots of noise, lots of smells right at eye level, really crappy line of sight if you’re dog-height, etc) and we were cool with the service group being there and made her leave.

      • 👆🏼
        I completely agree. I love having my dog with me so I seek out dog friendly places where she’s welcome. And I don’t take her some places where she is, Lowes for instance, because she doesn’t want to be there and it’s inconvenient for everyone.

  2. Maybe if I really liked hotdogs I might consider this popsicle?

    I don’t know about ingredients nowadays, but pretty regularly hotdogs tripped up my soy allergy as a kid/teen so mainly I associate hotdogs with stomach cramping and running to a bathroom in a panic.

    • I confess that I like the occasional hot dog. But hot is the operative word. I can’t imagine eating one ice cold.
      A soy allergy really stinks. There’s soy in so many things these days.

  3. A proper Chicago hot dog (Vienna) does not leave a chemical aftertaste.  It might leave residual heartburn, but the flavors themselves are a veritable symphony on the tongue.  Your breath might not be so sweet though.

    I think the hot dog beer straw showed some real ingenuity.  Humans are wonderful and surprising creatures.

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