Coffee Break [3/1/22]

Your mid-morning pick me up

Fanny got a new dog bed for Christmas, and she loves it so much she won’t sleep in the hooman bed anymore.

This is good, because at 75 lbs she takes up a lot of room. But also bad because I liked snuggling up with my pup when falling asleep. According to the American Kennel Club, 45% of people share the bed with their dogs. Whatta ya say, Deadsplinters, do pets belong on the bed, furniture in general?



  1. i keep my cats out of the bedroom same goes for dogs back when i had them

    they can be wherever they want in the rest of the house…but my bedroom is sacred

    i generally prefer not having fluff in my bedding and tend to not stay on very friendly terms with anything that wakes me or keeps me awake

  2. Cats are more troublesome to share a bed with than dogs. My daughter tried letting her cat in with her but kitty kept batting her in face or zooming around the room in the middle of the night. She gets the lock out treatment now.

  3. We didn’t allow our dog on the bed unless it was a night with lots of fireworks, he would be terrified and would just pace if we didn’t.  He knew though when he went to the dog sitter that he was allowed to sleep with her.  I didn’t allow him on furniture but my wife did.  We fought about this constantly but he knew each of our rules.  If he was laying next to her while she was on her computer and I walked in the room he would just look at me and then look at her.  Her rules usually won in those situations.

  4. I was always torn about our no dog on the furniture rule. We had a husky-shepherd and she shed 24/7. I would cuddle and spoon her on the floor instead of my bed. She had skinny long Bambi legs and wasn’t comfortable on our pouffy bed whenever I let her up. Redacted portion was not a confession just a typo if my husband asks.

  5. Fritz follows me around the house. Wherever I am, he is. He lost his best buddy and was living in a house all by himself for about 10 months (with my dad checking on him). He’s a happy boi.

    This morning he got out of his collar and was attacking it all morning (it has a little bell on it). So that makes for an annoying alarm.

  6. My mom didn’t like having red Doxie hair all over her clean white sheets.  That extended  to kids sheets so no dog sleeping in the bed rule.

    Which was problematic because one dog loved to jump into the clothes basket after the sheets came out of the dryer (warm AF and I think she loved the smell of Downie Fabric softener.)

    A couple of times the dog scared the shit out of mom because of the dog moving when she carried the basket up the stairs.

    When I cat sat for friends (at the time I was still living with the parents) I discovered they loved sleeping with humans/heat sacks.  More than a few times I dreamed I was wearing a fur coat that came alive (which was a literal dream.)

    Used to get woken up at 6am by angry hungry cats batting my face.

  7. …I think it depends a little…I wouldn’t generally advocate cats in/on a bed I was trying to sleep in…but the bed I got the use of at my grandmother’s was where one of the cats liked to curl up & it was there a lot more nights than me…so some nights I’d wake up with a weight between my shoulders & if I moved the claws would come out to make it clear I needed to stay put & make like a heated cushion…not ideal but “when in rome” & all that?

    …dogs I’m sort of inclined to think get different rules…but again at the same grandmother’s there was a sofa the dogs weren’t allowed on…but the one it replaced was the dogs’ sofa (in a different room) so they got precedence on that one?

    • We were never allowed to have cats growing up because you can’t keep them off furniture and counters. They only recognize boundaries on one side, theirs!
      I’ve gotten more tolerant of dogs on furniture. Around 25 years ago I had an Aussie that I fought with trying to keep off of furniture. I mean honest to goodness tussling with. I’d drag him off and he’d bare his teeth. It got ugly sometimes. I regret it now, I should have let him up. Fanny goes wherever she wants spoiled creature that she is.

  8. My first cat slept between my legs nearly every night of his 13-year life, and now my fourth has picked up that tradition over the past few months and that’s not so bad. He’s not as patient as my first guy, who used to sit up and wait for me to roll over in the middle of the night and then plop back down, but he is not obtrusive to my sleeping patterns.

    I have never owned a big dog, but I have to say I think I’d be inclined to try and keep them off the bed. My wife’s family owned 4 big unruly dogs (sadly, down to two now) and I don’t think anyone in that household has had a proper night’s sleep in the past decade.

    • Even my small dog often kept me from getting a good night’s sleep. She wanted to sleep on my legs, it was pretty uncomfortable as you might imagine. But she cried if I wouldn’t let her up and I couldn’t have that!

  9. So, emotionally, I say that dogs should be allowed to sleep on the bed or on the furniture.  However, Mrs. Butcher and I subscribe to the notion that dogs need to know who the Alpha is and that they’re not it.  So, no bed time for Butcher Dog.  We used to allow her on the recliners as a pup but she peed on one of them and that was that.

  10. We have ottomans set up like stairs so that our pack can get on the king size bed. The rule is once everyone settles down – that’s where everyone stays for the night. It works mostly – Itty Bit likes to sleep down between my ankles so he gets kicked a lot – but he doesn’t seem to mind. There are a lot of dog beds around which they use mostly – but they’re allowed up on the furniture too. When we travel – we always have to take old sheets and quilts to put on anything they might hop up onto. Luckily – everyone we know – loves dogs.



  11. We didn’t allow them at all on the bed or furniture, and then we got the mini Aussie with special needs and a lot of rules went out the window. Most nights both dogs are on the bed with us. Imagine this — we all snore.

  12. It’s been about 3 and a half years since I lost my old man dog who was a very sweet old German Shepherd.

    When I bought a new bed after the bedbug fiasco, I specifically got a low one with no box springs so it would be easier for him to get on the bed at night.

    I don’t really move in my sleep and he was the goodest boy about getting comfy and not moving all night and would just use my right leg as a back rest all night.

    I slept so poorly after he was gone for several weeks. And I know I slept poorly because I could see my sleep patterns on my fitbit and it was immediately showing less deep sleep after he was gone.

    Also I had panic issues often when trying to fall asleep where I was convinced my heart had stopped since I couldn’t feel a heartbeat. Took me a few weeks to realize I was used to feeling his heartbeat where he laid against my leg and the lack of that feedback loop was what I was missing.

    • I do think it’s funny that when there’s a man in my bed I’m like “ugh jesus christ roll over and give me some fucking space god dammit this is my side of the bed” and when there’s a dog I’m like “OMG snuggle buddies! do you have enough room? I can move if you need more room oh let’s cuddle forever!”

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