Coffee Break [3/10/22]

Your mid morning pick me up

I will never get tired of watching dogs jumping into leaf piles. I used to have an Aussie that understood the joy in a mountain of fall foliage. Sadly I don’t have enough trees at this home for Fanny to have discovered that pleasure. So, I have to get my doggy autumn romp entertainment on the internet. Here’s Stella enjoying the first one of the season.


Me: “What do you like most about fall?” Stella: “Yes” #stellasleafpiles #pawtumn #dognamedstella

♬ original sound – dognamedstella

And sharing the fun with a few friends.

Anything amusing you this Monday morning, Deadsplinters?



  1. I don’t get the people who throw out their leaves, because they make such good compost. They pretty much rot down to nothing when winter is over, so the final spreading is a short project in the spring before I put down fresh mulch.

    • They’re also a good winter habitat for insects and small mammals and birds. We leave ours in the backyard. But we have to rake our front yard leaves by city ordinance. They come around and vacuum them up so they don’t end up clogging the storm sewers.

    • We live next to a greenbelt with gigantic maples everywhere and the first giant windstorm will dump so many leaves we will not be able to see our yard.  We compost what we can but have WAY more than we can deal with so have to fill our yard waste bins several times over in fall.


    “NO! Take this gig seriously Joe!”

    “I was a goddamn Solid Gold dancer!  ‘Dancing Queen young and…’”

    “Joe, if you’re not going to be in character get the fuck outta here.”

    “Fuck you, Sam.”

    My new favorite gif.

  3. Excelsior! New York State has produced the world’s North America’s largest pumpkin:

    Notice how many of the comments concern how the mother organization, WNYC, New York Public Radio, managed to ruin the user engagement/commenting system. They committed the cardinal sin of…what is called? You release an untested product like this and then test while you go along? Like building an aircraft while it is in mid-flight?

    If you’d like to read more about how WNYC is circling the drain, there’s this.

    • …I think you’re thinking of “beta testing”…which used to be a thing that happened before you put your product out but increasingly is a free service provided by frustrated users

      …see also “A/B testing” where they give different sets of users different experiences to see which proves more/less popular before rolling out the change they decide on to everyone

      …that one’s got facebook into trouble more than once

      • The site (and its URL) says this a beta site but why bother? It’s pissing everyone off. Why not keep the old system, which worked perfectly well, and test and test behind the scenes, hire a couple of freelance IT folks, be about 90% or 95% sure it’ll work the way you want it to, and then deal with glitches (if any) brought to your attention by a not-pissed-off-just-trying-to-be-helpful user?

        I guarantee you a McKinsey report was behind this fiasco. And a percentage of their staff was recommended to be let go while they were at it.

        • …honestly I’m pretty sure it’s one of those things where some smart™ person figured that rather than paying people to help test & refine a thing they could get it done for free by pissing off the people they rely on to keep wanting to use it

          …whether that goes for the people trying to bid a low quote to do the work or the people putting it out to tender is moot, I guess…but it seems to have become the norm for a lot of stuff so apparently nobody’s ever run the numbers on the cost of losing users who want a baseline of don’t-replace-shit-that-works-with-shit-that-doesn’t-for-no-apparent-reason?

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