Coffee Break [3/4/23]

Your mid morning pick me up

April 3 is World Party Day. Inspired by Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel by Vanna Bonta, the goal is a global celebration of life. The internet assures me that this is a thing. And I know better than to argue with the internet.

So it might be Monday, but I expect you to enjoy yourself, dammit!



  1. Very tangential, but:

    This happened outside a Trader Joe’s, which also houses NYU dorms and I think classrooms. But in the 80s and 90s this was the famed Palladium Nightclub, where Your New York City correspondent enjoyed many a “party” indeed. I guess I am keeping up with the times, because in 2023 I am much more grateful to have that Trader Joe’s than I am the Palladium (even if, because this is New York, it’s almost as difficult to enter as the Palladium ever was) and I’ve been in those dorms because not one but two children of two different friends lived there.

    The party is over for Cousin Mattie, I’m afraid. Well, at least the kind of party where I don’t really know who owns the space and there’s nowhere to sit down and I (sometimes) have to pay for my own drinks. It was a helluva lotta fun while it lasted, though.

      • Same here. Now the people I partied with are the ones building the party places for the younger generations. Check out Milky Way (Montreal). I’m a bit sad that I won’t be dancing on top of that bar but also know that I would break my neck or at least my ankle if I tried (and that noone wants to see my tired ass up on that bar lol😅). So glad that I partied hardy in my 20’s and that it was the pre social media era. Hardly any proof of my drunken shenanigans out there.

  2. not sure i’d survive a party today

    that said…i am starting to feel more up to having one….which considering its 9:30 pm and ive been a zombie all day is about damn time

    smart money says…go be boring and go to bed early…

    im not smart money tho

  3. I will also profess my thanks that there was no social media during my early adulthood. Makes my teeth hurt just to think about the what-ifs.

    Welsh band synergy alert: Karl Wallinger of World Party was part of The Waterboys’ early albums. For the “Fisherman’s Blues” release, although he was no longer an official part of the band, he helped to write the song that he used as the title for his own project.

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