Coffee Break [30/1/23]

It’s been a while since I posted a job opportunity. This one is too good not to mention. Mattress brand Sleep Junkie is looking for participants for a three-month sleep study. There’s an old myth that noshing cheese before bed causes nightmares.

Sleep Junkie is hiring five people to test whether or not it’s true. The Dairy Dreamers will earn $1000 to eat cheese and sleep. You were going to do that anyway, right? Applications are due on Feb 10.



  1. Just took my coffee break in my hot tub. We used to have one years ago, and it finally died and I hauled it away. We kinda started to miss it. Now they make inflatable ones, and I got one on sale for $328 and set it up yesterday. I have to say, so far, so good. Hell, if it only lasts through the summer, I’ll consider that a good deal.

    Working from home doesn’t suck, y’all.

    • I’ve been curious about those. I’d really like to set up a stock tank pool. But my neighbors on the one side have an upper deck that look down on the whole yard and I’d sort of like it to be a little more private. I miss having a pool but they’re just too damn expensive to build these days.

      • That’s the first time I’ve heard of those, so I googled. Those are really cool! We always wanted a pool but it’s cost-prohibitive, plus they can make it hard to sell your house — lots of older people don’t want the fuss. This seems a lot sturdier than the standard “above-ground” pool that people slap into their yards that’s basically a rubber liner on a frame.

        The other downside for me is that I don’t have a fence surrounding my backyard. Florida has a bunch of laws about securing swimming pools so kids won’t drown. Regular swimming pools are required to have a fence around them. I’m not sure where they stand on pools that aren’t set into the ground — at one point, that was considered a sufficient “fence” to keep kids away, but I don’t know if that’s still true.

        Anyway, we have an atrium in the center of our house and that’s where the hot tub sits so privacy isn’t an issue at all.

        • Florida has a bunch of laws about securing swimming pools so kids won’t drown.

          Does Governor Florida Man know about this unnecessary and burdensome infringement on your Freedumb?  Maybe you should write him a letter.

          • I’m sure he’ll get to it. Local columnist wrote yesterday on how DeSantis is burning through his “outrage” issues and he’s not doling them out slowly enough to last until primaries. Also a bunch of them are non-issues now. Nobody’s wearing masks. Nobody cares what DeSantis’ handpicked quack says about vaccines. Nobody teaches critical race theory. He’s been railing about those again, and people are scratching their heads.

            So he’ll have to gin up more bullshit soon.

            Plus, letting kids drown is bad. Letting them get shot, on the other hand, is okay. It’s all about perspective. 

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