Coffee Break [30/3/20]

It’s a struggle to get through the second half of the day.

I love coffee, but I’m not really a fan of specialty coffee drinks like frappuccinos or flavored lattes. I’m bored though and looking for ways to entertain myself. So today I tried making the latest internet trend, whipped coffee. I used some instant Cafe Bustelo that I keep on hand for baking.

My sad Dalgona.

I couldn’t get it to foam up as much as the pics in the recipe. I mixed it in a ramekin, it probably wasn’t deep enough to get a good whip going. Or maybe I just didn’t beat it long enough. I also cut back on the sugar because I don’t normally use any in my coffee and I’m not sure if that affected the outcome. It was pretty tasty though and killed about 15 minutes.

How do you take yours?



  1. Coffee is a vehicle for cream/milk and sugar.
    I usually make lattes with my Nespresso.
    Mr. McGee has an entire system for coffee preparing and consuming. It’s exhausting and one needs coffee just to tackle it.

  2. I’m gonna have to part ways with Meg in this one, I’m afraid…I’m enough if a heathen to put sugar in mine…& how much tends to depend on the sort of day I’m having…but very much not au-lait, s’il vous plait…

    also hot…hot is important…who has time for whisking & pouring anything more than once?

  3. Now that I can sleep in until 7:30 (Christ am I old), I don’t drink coffee for the duration of the whole work from home thing. But, when I eventually go back to commuting, I brew NM Pinon Coffee, put in some milk and just enough pure maple syrup (Hello Myo!) to give it a little flavor.

  4. I usually take mine with a teaspoon of stevia or monkfruit sweetener.

    When I want something fancier/sweeter, I go for a mocha, a wet cappuccino, or a cortado with honey.

  5. Black, dammit. Just black. No, I don’t need space in my cup to add additional crap, barista. Fill it to the top. Yes, I realize from your confusion you don’t ever get this order. That’s because everyone else is a philistine, doubtlessly of low character and dubious morals. Pour the damn coffee NOW!

    No, I’ve never had this exact conversation before at any Starbucks. Why do you ask?

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