Coffee Break [4/5/20]

It can be a struggle to get through the second half of the day.

Set your alarm early tomorrow. It’s the peak of the Eta Aquarid meteor shower. Unfortunately there’s an almost full moon, so your best chance of seeing a shooting star is in the hours just before dawn. Astronomy website EarthSky offers tips for viewing, like watching from a moon shadow. I didn’t know that was a real thing, I thought it was a poetic invention of Yusuf Islam.

I’m not saying wishing on a shooting star can get us out of our current mess, but it can’t hurt.



  1. hmmm…set my alarm on a day off….nope..dont think so..sorry shiney stars
    sides..tomorows liberation day..and that means parties..parties everywhere
    well…this year it actually just means tuesday.. but i’ll just make me own private party of one

    • also today i learnt i can mail order potatos
      *mail orders potatos*
      like…theres a whole webshop that sells only various kinds of potatos
      i now have 3 kinds of potatos in the
      did i need to order them… live spitting distance away from a supermarket… but thats beside the point… mail ordered potatos!

      • over here its for everyone we are all free to be told what to do and stay inline (and not insult the royals..thats illegal) but at least now its not the germans telling us what to do and stay inline
        *remembers who’s really in charge in europe*

    • I’m not interested in space travel or trump’s fucking Space Corps. But I love a good meteor shower. Unfortunately between the moon and the city lights I won’t get to see any.

      • I’m a little bit obsessed about space, but not space travel. I liked Star Trek, the spin-offs, the movies, and the whole Star Wars franchise but I always had a recurring thought. Suppose it is 2420 or whenever. How about exploring little cafés in the south of France or Thailand, rather than hostile environments many light years away from us?

        As a young adult I was at someone’s parents’ house for a big New Year’s Eve party free-for-all, it was like a grownup slumber party, and it went on for days afterward. New Year’s Eve must have fallen on a Wednesday night and we had until Monday to present ourselves clean and sober for work.

        At one point there was a “Star Trek” marathon on TV. I was with a bunch of newly minted architects so they had a lot to say about the interior design and the feasibility of the Starship Enterprise’s logistics.

        I had little to add, but I pointed out that it was nice to know that four centuries in the future the beehive will make a comeback.

        The mother, our hostess, and the primary party instigator, said, “The Enterprise was obviously powered by hairspray. When I was your age I had a beehive. It took forever to get right. I’m sure my girl friends and I opened the hole in the ozone layer. Who’s thirsty? I made a little pitcher of something. If you’re not having there’s soda in the fridge, help yourselves. We’ll be having lunch in about an hour.”

        At the age of 25 is when I learned that drinking a Manhattan before noon is not aberrant behavior.

        • I liked Star Trek some but I’ve never been a big Star Wars fan. I’m not really interested in space,I like stars because they’re beautiful. And I like the old myths that the constellations are named for.
          Unfortunately I learned far too early about drinking before noon!

      • “But this one poses no danger.”

        Hannibal, it’s 2020, and *somehow* way back in 2016-ish, we entered the upside-down timeline…

        We’ve ALREADY got giant, killer hornets…

        Do you REALLY wanna fuck with karma like that?


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