Coffee Break [4/10/21]

Your mid-morning pick me up.

Going leaf-peeping but not sure where or when? These maps predict peak foliage time in the U.S. and part of Canada to help you plan your excursion. I was, unfortunately, unable to find maps for most of Europe. Maybe this is a mainly North American pastime. If you have any guides or tips for making the most of fall hiking and biking season, drop ’em in the comments. Who doesn’t enjoy a romp in the leaves?



  1. Alas we will peep no leaves save for the ones nearby, but we have observed the changing of the seasons in two ways today:

    1. I filled out my absentee ballot with even less enthusiasm than normal. This one is for Mayor, “Public Advocate” (a made-up gadfly position that does little good except allow its occupant four years to build coalitions; our worst Mayor in decades, Bill de Blasio, was PA before he become Mayor in something of a fluke primary); and a few other positions.

    2. We finally had the home gym disassembled and taken away. Since the gyms have been open for months now (and are now under the vaccine mandate) it frees up the den to once again become a guest room. This shows cheerful optimism on our part that we will, maybe, soon, be hosting again.

  2. i generally just look outside…if its dry and leaves are falling…ill find somewhere to walk

    if its dry,leaves are falling plus high winds…you’ll probably find me somewhere ill advised where i occasionally have to dodge a large branch just coz i love watching the leaves blow everywhere and the noise trees make during a storm

    then again..10 minutes bike ride in any direction and im out in the woods or fields….so i guess i dont really have to plan much

    • I live in town, but close to a park where I walk Fanny every day. But there’s a place a couple hours away where the leaves are spectacular. And there’s also a killer pizza shop so I like to head there for hiking and a pie!

  3. Our fall weather is confused at best.  Some trees are changing, some are not and my roses and dahlias think it is still summer and blooming like crazy.  We had a few days of rain and 40ish degrees and then today we are 70 again and beautiful.  I’ll take all the sun we can get as we need to store up our vitamin D around here.

  4. I know I talk shit (rightfully so) about Missouri all the time.


    We have great state parks thanks to Missouri Department of Conservation managing their own funding/budget through an eighth of a cent sales tax for decades. So if you want to come see pretty leaves in a few weeks, don’t forget about us!

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