Coffee Break [5/12/22]

Your mid morning pick me up

Holiday travel is stressful, and adverse weather conditions can increase anxiety. I can remember some white-knuckle trips driving north, the car loaded with gifts and a fretful child. But now that I spend it at home I’d love to have a white Christmas. Unfortunately for me and most of the US, according to AccuWeather, it’s not likely.

Do you look forward to or dread a snowy holiday season, Deadsplinters? Determine the odds in your part of the world using this White Christmas Calculator. You know what they say, forewarned is forearmed.



    • It stops being fun as soon as you get a job and/ or a driver’s license.

  1. If we are stocked up with food & booze & don’t have to go anywhere, I love a white Xmas.  Too many sketchy hills in my neighborhood that are not fun to drive but a blast to sled and snowboard down.  A few years ago we had thunder snow during the Xmas break which was super cool to watch come off the water.  I didn’t even know that was a thing until that storm but lightening, thunder and snow is really cool.

    • I saw a thunder snow once, very cool. I do love holing up at home with the fireplace going and a boozy hot cocoa to sip.

  2. Never had a white Christmas, so I actually would like to experience it sometime. But yeah, driving in snow sucks. Though there are a surprising number of parallels between that and driving through a four-inches-of-rain-in-an-hour downpour. I’m trying to figure out the best way to take my kid somewhere to see snow (she never has), but it looks like that won’t be an option before January.

    • I’d rather drive in snow than a heavy downpour. We don’t get much snow here but I few years ago we had almost 6”. I was walking Fanny and ran into a woman with her two young sons, maybe 5 and 7 years old. They had just moved up from Texas and were so excited. They didn’t have sleds but she had found a large plastic tray in their kitchen stuff and they had used it for sledding. They told me all about it and showed me how to make snow angels. They were on the way home to build a snowman. Their enthusiasm was infectious and I enjoyed that cold walk much more than I had been before meeting them.

      • It snowed in Atlanta about 20 years ago, the week we were moving back to Florida. I pulled out my boogie board and we used it as a sled. There wasn’t much snow, but there was enough to make some runs down a hill at our apartment complex. I built a small snowman, and somebody stole it!

        • Stole your snowman? That’s so sad. And yet I’m laughing.

          • Right? Who does that? I mean, it was like 18 inches tall. Build your own fucking snowman!

  3. Family trips to visit family. Spoiled by said family.

    I find winter in Canada and NY state to be quite beautiful just not driving in it.

    • Lol, family trips spoiled by family. I can sadly relate to that!

      • Me too. My in-laws used to own a house in the North Georgia mountains. They were constantly trying to get us to come and visit them. It was a perfectly wonderful thing to do if they weren’t there. But my MIL wouldn’t “allow” anyone there if she couldn’t be there.

        Eventually my wife got a key from them because they needed us to run up from Atlanta to do some sort of winter prep or something (don’t remember now). We would sneak up there when they were in Florida and stay. We’d walk around and take notes on where everything was when we arrived (this was before phone cameras, though cell phones existed) so we could put it back exactly the way we found it. They never figured it out.

  4. 25% chance of a white christmas for me apparently….tho looking at my weather report…kinda looks like we are getting some snow in the next week or so and then probably headed towards rain for christmas……which is normal here

    • Do you have a new bike yet? Cycling in the snow, or rain for that matter, doesn’t sound like fun. Although I walk in both all the damn time.

      • i have a new old town bike….but am mostly choosing to walk to work now…..takes a little longer than riding it…..but its actually quite a nice little walk

        cycling in the snow is great fun on a mountainbike…..townbike…not so much

      • that does look like i could have quite a lot of fun with it

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