Coffee Break [5/4/21]

Your mid-morning pick me up.

Happy Discount Candy Day!

We’ve talked about our favorite candies once or twice before, and like most Deadsplinters, I’ve got some strong opinions of what is and isn’t, worth a trip to the grocery store, even at 50% or more off. I know Cadbury Creme Eggs aren’t good, but every year I buy a couple, thinking this time they will be. They never are.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs aren’t as tasty as regular Reese’s Cups. The chocolate to peanut butter ratio is all wrong. But good enough to pick up at slashed prices. Jelly Bellies are the only edible jelly beans, and the black licorice and cinnamon flavors are delicious no matter what anyone says.

You’re going to the store anyway, you may as well check out the candy aisle. What’s going in your cart?



  1. discount candy time starts tomorow over here…its still easter you know…
    frankly im shocked your shops over there arent milking that fact for one more day of overpriced candy sales
    normally yous lot are so good at crapitalist shit…what gives?
    soo no chocolates for me
    ive found a much healthier thing to binge on today
    energy drinks!
    source of vitamine b and c and ginseng and guarana….its like a liquid superfood!

    • Farscy, please be careful with those energy drinks!💖
      Depending on what the herbs are in them (Ginseng, Guarana, Yohimbe/yohimbine, etc), the herbs may be ones that shouldn’t be taken for more than 6 weeks at a time,because they can cause heart/ cardiovascular damage, increased blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, etc…
      Years ago one of my areas of fascination (where I went about 1/2 a mile wide, and 6 miles deep😉) was gardening & herbal medicine… many of the herbs in those energy drinks are ones that were used in “traditional medicine” (aka non-Western medicine) around the world, and they give you “energy” by a massive load of caffeine, and/or increasing your metabolism & heart rate…. 
      All of my herbal books talk about how those heartbeat-increasing herbs should ONLY be used in short-term situations… although a few short years later, we started seeing them pop up *everywhere* in “Energy Drinks”
      The drinks ABSOLUTELY have their place! Just please be careful about how long & how often they’re consumed (anecdotally, I also know an acquaintance who was combining them with herbal weightlifting/”muscle growth” supplements & shakes from GNC, because he thought they were all healthy–sinve they were “supplements”…
      He ended up doing a LOT of damage to his heart (nearly had a heart attack)–and his body in general, due to the impact on his heart😬
      Because no one in his closest circle knew that the supplements & drinks had so many herbs that were only supposed to be short-term-use things (iirc, he was using them constantly for many months, thinking he was “being healthy” since they came from a fitness-centric store🙃)

        • As someone who had a 16-year addiction to Mountain Dew, I soooooooo get this😉😆🤣💖
          And I’ll freely admit, I was pretty damn ecstatic, when I discovered they finally brought out the Black Label/Zero Sugar version last year😉😁🤗
          It’s not quite the same, as the ‘Ol Sugar-bomb caffeine source, but for someone who hasn’t had Dew in a few years ( thanks to all that sugar spiking my blood sugars waaaay too high), it’s REALLY nice to be able to have caffeine again😍😁

          • Eta, caffeine that isn’t because of Coke Zero or Dirt Coke (the only forms I’ve been able to do over the last few years–since I need so much sugar in Coffee, that regular Dew would have less carbs😉😆🤣)

  2. @farscythe they put Easter candy out the day after Valentines Day here. They’ve already milked it for as long as they can, lol. I bought some caffeinated seltzer water the other day. Now that my holiday food is out of the fridge I can chill some. Gotta maintain that mild caffeine buzz all day long. 

  3. I very rarely buy candy at the store unless it is Moser Roth or Choceur chocolate at Aldi. Of course if someone else buys the candy I don’t discriminate

    • I need to start shopping at Aldi. I hear a lot of good things about it but ours is in a weird little industrial section that I have no other reason to visit.

      • My local Aldi is in a spot where I can slide in and out the back way avoiding tons of traffic and about 10 streetlights. The other stores in town are huge, dirty, and packed with idiots and questionable social distancing. 
        But, I really don’t buy much at the store anymore, it’s all CSA, or delivered, or Farmer’s Market.

  4. Aside from trying to snag some of the leftover Ghirardelli salted-carmel bunnies when I head over to work tonight, and/or Ferrero Rocher, Lindt Truffles, Whoppers’ Robin Eggs, or Abdallah Candies (from our Floral Department😉), I’m all set.
    I just ran over to Target, and got a Peeps stick (4 Peeps–enough for a year, or at least until Halloween Candy is out😉),  one Cadbury Egg, two bags of “Mini Reester Bunnies” (the ratio on these is VERY like the regular Reeses’ PB cups!😉), one box of Reeses’ PB Eggs (the ones sized like Cadbury eggs), and three tubes of Mini M&M’s…. so–aside from those “fancier” chocolates I’d like to snag, I’m good ’til Halloween on the other candy, too😉😃😁

  5. I feel like discount candy after Easter isn’t what it used to be?
    Like, I hardly even bother anymore.
    A good 10, 20 years ago, I used to make multiple trips to area supermarkets and such, where in my memory, it seemed to be most of an aisle worth of candy, well stocked, and often 50% off or more.
    Whereas the past few years, there seems to be maybe a couple shelves or a little kiosk someplace, and maybe stuff will approach 1/3 off.
    I have no basis for this, but I personally speculate that ordering/stocking predictive software, and (I forget what it’s called, but how grocery stores often have a greatly reduced or nonexistent stockroom, and stock things directly from the truck now…)
    I’m speculating that in the past, they used to over-order, because selling out meant missed opportunities, whereas now, they can pretty accurately predict how much they will sell, and barely exceed that estimate. 
    It’s too bad, I loved grabbing those unopened display packs of Cadbury Creme Eggs, and eating those for the next month or two…

  6. In all honesty, it REALLY seems to depend on the particular store😉
    Target lately tends to be ordering “tighter” from what I’ve seen, *and* they only start at 30% off…. my grocery store chain is REALLY hit-or-miss, some stores have tons leftover, others not much, AND it really depends price-wise, because it all boils down to how good the pricing team is in *that particular store,* as to whether/not you drop to 50% off like it’s supposed to… in our store, some of the Ghirardelli sea-salt caramels (the Bunnies) got discounted,but the eggs didn’t… I knew what to watch for, so was able to ask for the discounted price… but the Ferrero Rochers *weren’t* discounted yet… even though they were on the clearance shelf (I’ve stocked them often enough in the past to know the regular “sale” price, vs. the post-holiday discount price😉
    So I got a bag each of the dark chocolate sea-salt caramel bunnies & eggs, and one small carton of the Whoppers Robin eggs, the Rochers will hold ’til later this week, when pricing catches up😁

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