Coffee Break [6/3/23]

Your mid morning pick me up

Cohen Brothers’ fans and followers of Dudeism observe The Day of the Dude in celebration of the March 6, 1998 release of The Big Lebowski. It’s a little early in the day here for a White Russian but if you wanna spike your coffee who am I to judge?

What do you need to make hot White Russians?

  • Hot coffee (nice and strong)
  • Kahlúa
  • Whole milk (or heavy cream)
  • Vodka
  •  Whipped cream to garnish. Totally optional, but you’re going to want it. 

Don’t care for the movie? “Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.”

Hope you’re having a chill Monday, Deadsplinters.



  1. I love it. Fun fact – the first Lebowski Fest was held in Louisville, KY. And before Covid most  major cities had their own. I don’t know if anyone is doing them now or not.

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