Coffee Break [7/11/22]

Your mid morning pick me up

Sweatpants for work? Yes, please! There’s no reason you can’t look professional and comfortable. My daughter bought two pairs of these knit pants from Target and loves them. They’re fashionable and reasonably priced. Whoever thought of this is a genius. There are options for men too, but they’re more expensive.

Have you found anything that makes getting through the workday a little easier, Deadsplinters?



  1. whilst i would love to wear sweatpants at work…or shorts for that matter….it is not….the smartest idea whilst welding and doing general metalwork

    damn do i hate having to wear heavy jeans and thick shirts in summer tho

    but…mondays aside…(where odds are i turn up for work half dead and regret my decisions) my workdays arent very hard…mostly checking other peoples work and lugging pallets about nowadays

    occasionally being a pain in the arse to the office…coz i can and they are useless

    i have a performance review sometime this week which i got handed a nifty bit of paperwork to fill out for… you know where im sposed to splain how its going and what i want and or expect from them

    ive filled out my name and wrote check last years, nothings changed yet

      • this is true…..but its actually more certifications im after

        send me back to school you bastards…i am not leaving this job without something tangible to show for it

        i want that bit of paper says im qualified for whatever…..coz having done whatever for years is remarkably worthless once you are no longer in the company you did whatever for

        and as im pushing 40….im pretty bored of starting at rock bottom everywhere

        i am unofficially overqualified for my job….lol….officially underqualified

  2. Gym shorts and a tee shirt. And my Uggs bedroom slippers, which are the bomb.

    Nobody bothers me before noon (my boss is west coast), so I typically get out and take a 2 mile walk about 9:30 or 10. I shower at lunch and put on a collared shirt for afternoon Zooming on days I have afternoon Zooming.

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