Coffee Break [7/6/21]

Your mid-morning pick me up.

Once, while talking with a woman about food issues, she remarked that we focus too much on numbers; calories, the read-out on the scale, sizes printed on labels. That we had forgotten how to listen to what our bodies were telling us. The same could be said of our relationship to the clock and calendar. I am not a morning person by nature. I am this dog.

How’s your Monday going, Deadsplinters?



  1. So, yes, that video is funny…but Jesus Christ what a poorly trained dog. 

    Started my work day by discovering that my remote PC got shut down over the weekend so I’ve been dead in the water while I wait for someone from the Helpless Desk to walk over to where it is and turn it back on.  I really, really, really, want my own company PC so I don’t have to do this remote desktop bullshit anymore.

  2. my body told me i needed to stay home today
    i listened
    im still fucking traumatized from the test tho……shit motherfucker…youre a nurse not a fucking wrecker….
    unless demolitions dudes now have a side gig jabbing people in which case i stand corrected….but also wtf who signed off on that?
    that reeks of management
    anyways….the farscy is having an epic whine

  3. I used to be fine with mornings and thought the whole circadian rhythm thing was very exaggerated. Like even in college I was fine with 8am classes, but was also okay staying up late.

    Then grad school hit, and off I went to Belize for the summer to do field work. And because we had to be on site by 7am, I did a ton of physical labor in the heat all day, and then you didn’t really want to be up that late because light after dark draws bugs. Plus exhaustion from work and heat. As a result, for about 2 months each summer I was rising with the sun and going to bed pretty soon after dusk. After a few weeks, it was like the most rested I’ve ever been, which is impressive since my mattress was piece of foam on wooden slats in a house with no air conditioning. 

    Anyways, ever since that summer (and I’m 37 now), I’m totally a morning person.

    • I’m trying to maintain an early schedule, but it’s not easy, and a single careless weekend could have me backslip into a nearly nocturnal schedule, that would take weeks to get out of…
      But, when I would go backpacking or similar, I’d shift to a more daylight-aligned schedule, but it doesn’t stick…

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