Coffee Break [8/11/21]

Your mid-morning pick me up

It’s National Cappuccino Day!

You don’t need an expensive machine to make a cappuccino at home. Prepare your espresso or extra-strength coffee and top with frothed milk. Lable your brew with this Fake Italian Coffee Name generator. Or swing by your local coffee shop or national chain for an overpriced cup of joe.

A damn fine cup of coffee

Don’t forget the Pup Cup for your best friend.

Do you have a regular cafe, a fan of holiday flavors? Talk about coffee, or tea, or anything at all.



  1. Regular French-press decaf at home, and then a late-morning mocha from S-bucks for some real caffeine and sugar.

    ETA: The Fake Italian Coffee Name Generator (FICNaG) says I would probably enjoy a “Valtertovola Lungo”, which, if I’m being honest, does not sound pretty. 

    • It sounds like a disease.

      I took Fanny for a Pup Cup on Saturday. I don’t like Starbucks very much but I am a sucker for marketing. Call anything a limited edition or seasonal release and I automatically want it. I had the Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte. I was underwhelmed. Fanny loved the Pup Cup though.

    • I got Alero. Sounds fancier than my Trader Joe’s coffee with half and half. I have an espresso machine but was too lazy to dig it out of the cabinet.

  2. cheap instant might be coffee

    ive been drinking it for so long i now think its good

    which is probably a sign of mental illness

    welp whatever…it gets me started in the mornings

  3. Coffee and I are no longer friends, so I’m a tea gal these days. Earl Grey is my favourite, with a couple spoonfuls of sugar (I have a yuuuge mug for my tea. No dainty little things for me!) English breakfast is good, too, and peppermint. Otherwise, my caffeine comes in Mountain Dew flavour.

    Fun fact: I have never been to a Starbucks, not even the drive-through.

    • I salute you, Starbucks virgin. Unfortunately, I’ve been dragged there by friends when we were teens and had to just bite the bullet and reluctantly show up there for a couple of meetings where I didn’t choose the location. I think I drank tea or ate a banana rather than order the coffee.

  4. Starbucks is overrated and overpriced. I like the coffee from McDonald’s better. I’m not much of a tea drinker but I love the smell of Earl Grey. I think it’s bergamot?

    • Yup, it’s bergamot! It’s a hint of flowery, a hint of medicinal, and really goes well with black tea. Whoever came up with Earl Grey was a culinary genius.

  5. Yeah, I kinda knew that Starbucks was not a crowd favorite here, but can I put in one argument for them?

    As most of you know, I’m in Idaho, and Idaho is a state that does not like masks or vaccines. And despite animosity from anti-mask/anti-vax chuckleheads, and a state government that says, mostly, do what you like, the local Starbucks employees ALL mask up. And they encourage customers to do the same, something that a lot of local places are afraid to do.

    So I go in there because they are doing a far better job of limiting the spread of COVID than any of the local shops. And the people who work there are still local, so I console myself that I am helping them as well.

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